A room divider or partition will be great and functional for your home arrangement. The ideas below will give you a great DIY room partition you can create at home.

DIY Cardboard Room Divider

DIY Room Partition In Rustic, Modern, And Classic Styles


The materials needed for this cardroom DIY room divider include a pencil, utility knife, ruler, and cardboard. Then, the first step after gathering the materials is to cut the cardboard into parts. After that, those parts will join together to form the segment of the room divider.

Steampunk Tri-Fold Room Divider

DIY Room Partition In Rustic, Modern, And Classic Styles


This room divider is so gorgeous. The materials you will need are a hammer, MDF CNC router, copper spray paint, and saw. After that, this room divider is intended to be used as a backdrop for your art events.

DIY Macrame Room Divider

If you want to have a macrame project before but you don’t know where to start from or where to learn from. This project is a very great macrame project that will teach you the basics of macrame craft and the process of using it to make a room divider. The supplies you need are 60 pieces of 3/16’’ cotton rope, masking tape, scissors, and 2 yards of 60” wide muslin cotton fabric.

Geometric Room Divider

This room divider will give your room a more unique interior look because it gives you an extravagant design on the frame. After that, the project is simple, strong, sturdy, and inexpensive. Therefore, you can freely create this partition at any time. Then, this partition can be used for a private nook or to separate two different living areas in the same room.  Besides, it is easy to move around and even to store, by just folding it, if you need to use all your space at one time.

Wood Pallet Room Divider

This room divider is made from pallet boards. The is made by disassembling the pallets then removing every nail or hardware on them. After that, you can prepare the wood pieces and stains them before reassembling them into a room divider.

DIY Photo Room Divider Screen

This room divider is made from a steel rod, welding rod, a sheet of plywood, hollow rid, binder clip, chop saw, tire rim, and paint. It is not a real easy project, most time-consuming, but well worth it in the end. You have to try this.

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