Are you looking for a way to decorate your home with repurposed materials? It’s time for you to see coffee cans. We can use them for creating home items that will improve your decoration. Coffee cans are versatile and easy to find. Don’t throw away coffee cans from now. Use them to make something new for your decor. We have collected DIY repurposed coffee cans for the home. Check them out further and get more inspiration!

Coffee Cans with Burlap

Coffee can with burlap


What do you think of this creative DIY? It is from a coffee can wrapped with burlap. The crafter adds a red ribbon to make it more interesting. This craft works well for celebrating Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, or others. Use this container to hold flowers, candles, or even candies.

DIY Wall-Mounted Yarn Containers

Are you a knitter? Where do you usually store yarn? These DIY wall-mounted containers might help you get a clean and tidy craft room. Mount the coffee cans on the wall using nails. This storage is like a decorative accent on the wall. Combine magnetic boards with some old photos. You will get a pretty wall decor.

DIY Ombre Flower Vase

They are cute and pretty. Put those ombre flower vases in your living room. Or, it might be cool to have them by the window in your private area. Feel free to customize the ombre color you like. Use fading brush techniques to get a pretty ombre color like the picture. 

DIY Wine Rack

A wine rack from coffee cans will make your room looks adorable. Cut the top and bottom parts of the cans. Then, attach those cans using hot glue. Put on each wine bottle into the hole. This DIY wine rack will display your wine bottles. It looks so decorative. What do you think?

DIY Vintage Containers

Where do you store your craft supplies? Try these DIY vintage containers! Paint the coffee cans in white shades. Then, wrap them with burlap, paper, or other vintage tones. Arrange them on a table with a knitted tablecloth underneath. These containers are great for storing scissors, pencils, pens, or stuff.

Beautiful Coffee Can Lights

Enlighten your space with these DIY coffee can light. First, paint the cans white. Then, Make the holes with any pattern you like. It can be a heart shape, rectangular, star, or moon. Use these lights to make your bedroom brighter. Or, you can put them in your garden to spruce up your plants at night. 


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