Do you have some old windows in your house? Don’t just put them in a garage, you can use them for various purposes. Reusing old windows has many benefits, from enhancing the character of your home to giving it an old-fashioned, unique look. The material is versatile enough to be shaped into many different shapes. You can use old windows to create functional pieces of furniture or decorative pieces. You can make it happen by doing DIY projects. Clever DIY ideas to use your old window can be adapted to fit any room.

Then, are you looking for ways to reuse your old window? Try making a coffee table, headboard, terrarium, or even a window seat. Creating an organizer or storage from old windows also a great idea. Moreover, old window panes are fantastic picture frames. A single large photo can fit in a frame made of this type of glass. If you needs on a budget idea to decorate your walls, you can use old windows. The perfect way to add style and color to your home is to create an art gallery with your old window. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Vintage Window Bathroom Towel Holder  from homebnc

Rustic Window Framed Map  from homebnc Old Fashioned Viewing Window  from homebnc Upcycled Window Mini Greenhouse  from homebnc Picture and Clock Window Holder  from homebnc

Distressed Window Décor  from homebnc

Upcycled Vertical Succulent Window Garden  from homebnc Hallway Hanging Window Storage  from homebnc Repurposed Dollies and Window Frame  from homebnc
Window Frame Jewelry Display  from homebnc Stencil Window Frame Art  from homebnc DIY Spanish Window  from homebnc Vintage Window Mirror   from homebnc Spray Painted Window Mirror  from homebnc Gallery Wall of Rustic Windows  from homebnc Distressed Window See-Through Table  from homebnc  Antiqued Farmhouse Rustic Window Frame  from homebnc Painted Three Pane Old Window  from homebnc Sash Panes Side Table  from homebnc Frame Perches Above The Fireplace  from homebnc Photo Old Window from homebnc Old Window And Wreath from homebnc Old Shutter  from homebnc Paint Window Mug Storage from homebnc DIY Window Greenhouse from homebnc Vertical Frame Elevates Plants  from homebncOld Window Kitchen Island from homebncJewelry Organizer from homebnc Clothes Rack Old Window from homebnc DIY Diorama Old Windows from homebnc Towel Rack And Mirror Combined  from homebnc Old Window and Inital from homebnc Door Cabinet from homebnc Windows Photos from homebnc Paint Shutter Wall Art from homebnc DIY Windows Planter from homebnc Hanging Windows with Wreath from homebnc

Three Window Wall decor from homebnc 
Reclaimed Old Window from homebnc  Hanging Window Wall Decor from homebnc Vintage Window from homebnc 
Old Window Wall Art from homebnc  Rustic Old Window from homebnc 

DIY Window Project from homebnc

Windows Headboard from diyncrafts

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