Spring and summer are great times to see beautiful clouds. Everyone sees clouds in various shapes. Seeing them will improve our mood every day. Bring the clouds inside will be awesome. Cloud craft projects are nice to do this weekend with your kids. You are free to customize the shape and theme. In this article, we have inspiring ideas about cloud crafts that anyone can do in less than a day. Let us see further below!

Simple Science Rain Clouds

Simple science rain clouds


It isn’t just a craft but science learning. The kids not just make clouds but learn how rain happens. This project can be done in the classroom as well. What more important than a fun learning for kids!

Cotton Ball Clouds

It is time to learn about the types of clouds. Teach them the different clouds in the sky by making these simple cloud crafts. The kids will learn about clouds happily. Take some cotton ball pieces and assemble them to a wooden board. Then, ask your kids what cloud type in the sky today!

Smiling Paper Cloud

Enjoy the day by crafting this cloud. You will remember how to smile easily only by seeing this cloud. You will teach the kids about beginner sewing skills. The kids will happy and you have done your aim to upgrade their motor skills.

Cloud With Rainbow

This project is a piece of cake. Take your cotton balls and glue them in a wooden board or paper. Then, assemble paper in rainbow color. See how beautiful the result. The kids can do even for the first time easily.

Cream Cloud Project

A scientific project for kids should fun. In this picture, the creator makes a cloud by using shaving cream, food coloring paints, and water. This project shows us how a raindrop happens down from the clouds. That is awesome!

Super Simple Rain Cloud Craft

Learning by fun is the way to teach kindergarten kids. This cloud gives them the knowledge that rain comes from clouds. The clouds are made of cotton balls. Then, the raindrop looks awesome with a bigger size.

DIY Rain Drops

It is so much fun to learn raindrops with the craft. The clouds are made of cotton balls that attached well with glue in a white paper. Then, the raindrops are nice from melted crayons. See how the buttons spruce this craft. Easy and chic!

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