These conversational pieces are a terrific way to show off not just your wine bottle collection, but also your crafting talents. 


When it comes to discovering the finest DIY wine racks, there’s something for everyone, and you won’t need your entire arsenal of woodworking equipment. 

There are simple wine racks for more complex ideas, as well as a few odd ones. Without further ado, let’s dive into the DIY wine rack ideas!

Basic Wine Rack Ideas

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These simple wine rack ideas don’t involve much talent, but you’ll end up with a stylish piece that may proudly exhibit your wines in your house.

1. Countertop Wine Rack

This wine rack is not only simple to create, but it’s also incredibly elegant, making your guests wonder where you got it.

You’ll need to measure, cut, square off, and screw together wood dowels to build this geometrical bottle holder. 

You might also use wood glue to add extra rigidity to your screwed-in parts.

2. A-Frame

This incredibly basic yet stylish design is ideal for displaying your bottles on the table, the kitchen island, or even above the refrigerator.

You can store up to 6 bottles safely, and you won’t need any additional holding screws because the plywood cutouts will take care of everything.

A high-powered drill with a 3-1/5-inch drill bit, sometimes known as a hole saw, is required. This is also typically used when installing a door knob to drill a hole in the door.

3. Wooden Wall Wine Rack

This DIY wine rack epitomizes class on a budget. 

This is because you just need three different-sized boards.

You may use a miter saw to cut the boards to the proper lengths for the base and shelves.

Thanks to pocket holes for the screw, this shelf maintains its clean appearance. If you don’t have a convenient brad nailer, you may use a pin nailer to make this easier.

Because those bottles aren’t light, this tilted manner of attaching the boards and shelves allows you to disguise the screws while yet retaining a solid grasp.

Wine Rack For Glasses Ideas

It’s nice to have a method to show your bottles, but if you enjoy a glass of wine or have guests around for wine, you’ll need a fully functioning DIY wine bottle holder that also holds your glasses. You’ll have everything you need in one place.

1. Wall Mounted Holder

This wall-mounted wine rack can store it all and is great for tiny wine bar spaces.

We adore the tiny side ledge for displaying and holding your wine opener so you don’t have to search through drawers looking for it.

It can store 6 bottles and 12 glasses when finished.

A table saw would be quite beneficial for this job. You don’t need a fancy table saw for this job; even the greatest table saw around $300 would suffice.

2. Hexagon Wine Rack

This wine bottle holder is too amazing to be tucked away in a corner unless that corner is the center focus of your house. 

It has a wonderful geometrical shape and can store five bottles and four glasses. ​​The metal brackets contrast with the wood, giving it an industrial feel while being elegant. 

The brackets in this DIY project also provide extra support for the two distinct top and bottom components.

3. Wine Shelf With Glass Holder

This wooden wine shelf, made from pallet wood and a few new pieces, is a terrific way to showcase your bottles and stemware. 

This is a broad shelf on which you can set an open bottle that can also be used as a serving area.

It takes a lot of steps and a lot of tools to make this DIY wine rack. It can, however, be done without a lot of DIY experience.

We also think this would make a terrific addition to an outside bar as a DIY project. Consider installing this in your backyard if you entertain outside throughout the summer.

The Bottom Line

The majority of these wine racks are simple to construct and need few tools. If you’re trying to reproduce a wine bar area or add a stem glass holder, you’ll need extra labor and supplies.

You also don’t have to pick just one. 

These DIY projects are fantastic as a hostess present, Christmas gift, or décor project, and having a few countertop wine racks for your summer get-togethers for wine and other spirits is also entertaining.

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