You know how relaxing it feels when you set your eyes on a healthy, green, well-trimmed lawn. The truth is, you too can make this describe your lawn and garden if you learn how. Ordinarily, it calls for a little change of tactics if not consistent in what you are already doing.

Gardens can be in great shape when you stick to the basics. It includes being active in the watering, trimming, weeding, and all that. Sometimes, calling professional lawn care experts may not be necessary when you do this. Now, let’s go to the magical hacks of having a well-maintained garden.

Adopt hydroseeding

It is much quicker to have a lawn by simply rolling a sod carpet. This is becoming common these days. However, we must mention that this can be costly, especially when your yard is large. What is the best alternative? The answer is in doing the seeding yourself. Consider the hydroseeding approach as it brings uniformity in the distribution of seeds. The result is a lawn with no patches of uncovered sections.

Do Proper Weeding

Weed is a great enemy of a garden’s health. It is a beautiful thing to, therefore, consider removing them as soon as they appear. Finding an effective garden weed killer is paramount in your fight against weeds. Generally, look at the dominance of the weeds by their distribution in the garden. Find agrochemicals that can effectively eradicate the unwanted plant’s cycle. Come up with a program for the weeding work such that everything will proceed well.

The Trimming Work

Every lawn owner has considered making the edges of the lawn uniform around the pavements and walkways. This makes your outdoor space look decent and neat. The trick usually is on the mowing height. It is good to raise the mower to a height that cuts the top third of the grass. Experts say that taller grass usually has better root development. Therefore avoid going too low with the cutting.

It may be a good thing to look for ways to curb the pre-emergence of weeds. This usually is time-saving, especially when you have just prepared the garden. Seeking advice from agricultural officers may be necessary, especially when not sure of the suitable class of herbicides to go for.


It sounds straightforward and obvious when we talk of the garden-watering. The truth is, there are mistakes that people make when doing this. For instance, avoid excess watering as this interferes with the aeration of the soil. Instead, follow the right watering program, which can be once per week. This regular watering allows the roots to extend into the ground well.

Always aim at deep watering as there are benefits to your garden. For example, it curbs the likelihood of chinch bug infestations. These bugs typically target the dry plants, which are stressed out in some way. If you have a newly seeded lawn, consider watering for ten minutes maximum daily.

A healthy garden makes a home look decent. It is, therefore, a great idea to do the necessary maintenance practices for it to look great. This includes regular weeding, watering, and trimming of the edges. With such efforts, you also shield the garden from the infestation of bugs and diseases.


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