House number is the identity of your house. Whenever anybody wants to come to your house they will ask the number. It makes the easy to find where your house is. But, sometimes it’s hard to see the number when the design is not matched with the house. So, here are nine house number design ideas to help you repair your house number design.

Modern house number


Prepare faux grass, wood, screw, and glue to make this house number. Make the number in white color to look contrast with the grass. A bright house number make anybody easier to see your house. This is simple and beautiful.

Diy house number 2


A house number which use metal vertical number. A cute planter under the number makes this house number more interesting. It is good to fill big empty space on the side of our door.

Diy house number 3


If you like to feel at the era of medieval century, you can make this Mid century styled house number project. Use backboard with metal number and give it lighting at night. Voila, this is a great number house style for your lovely home.


This is a lovely design of house number for your home. The planter box makes it natural and fresh to fulfill the space. The white number and name is matched with dark walnut box planter is nice choice for you.

Diy house number 5


Another modern house number design for you. This is suitable to be put on the entrance wall of your house. The texture is made from some wood make it more natural and sweet.

Diy house number 6


To make this house number, you need to prepare extra large galvanized circle wall planter and house numbers. Then, make sure you have white spray paint, glue, primer, and ruler. Then, beautify the design by adding a box planter inside.

Diy house number 7

You need some sticks and arrange them vertically. Use magnetic number and apply glue for each numbers. Stamp the numbers on the board that already made previously. This is good for the number which is on the pole.

Diy house number 8


Do you want to try this idea at home? It is easy and simple. You only need to write the number at some pots to show your house number. Choose the variety of size to make it clearer as a house number. See this is a great idea for your lovely home, isn’t it?

Diy house number 9


You can try this house number design at home. Prepare some pumpkins and arrange it vertically. Don’t forget to paint the pumpkins in any color you want. Then, write your house number on the pumpkins. Place the pumpkins at one pot to show your house identity. Just try this design for your house soon and see the result.


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