A miniature garden is a smart choice for your home decoration. It doesn’t need more space. You only need some glasses that already unused. It will be better for you to make a terrarium by you yourself than buy it at some stores. Think that this project neither needs more time nor money. You only need creativity and art. Here are nine ideas of making a terrarium that can be made by you.

  1.   Margarita Glass Cactus Garden

Margarita glass cactus garden

Do you ever think that Margarita glass could have another uses? Yes, here it is. A beautiful terrarium made by hand. This is a simple way to make which you only need to collect some cactus and sands to make it.

2.  Succulent Sea-Themed Terrarium

Succulent sea-themed terrarium

You can bring what you got after holiday at beach last holiday. This terrarium can make you remember your memory of that vacation someday. Sea star, black sands, and others can be put on the glass.

3.   Bell Cloche Terrarium

Bell cloche terrarium

It is a beautiful terrarium that is made from bell cloche. Sparkle with some crushed glass to make it more astonishing. A great craft that will make your friend impress with your work.

4.    Light Bulb Terrarium

Light bulb terrarium

Do you have an unused bulb? Don’t throw it away! It can be transformed to be a wonderful terrarium like this. It doesn’t need much more work to do. You only will spend 10-15 minutes for having this terrarium.

5.     Cactus Terrarium

Cactus terrarium

Another way to make cactus terrarium which doesn’t need more time to do. Collect some sands, soils, and small stone. Choose the cactus that will be suitable as terrarium with the glass you have.

6.     Beachy Terrarium

Beachy terrarium

Prepare an apothecary to make this terrarium. Make it more beautiful by adding some driftwood and seashells. It will survive though you only do very little maintenance.

7.     Eggcellent Egg Shell Terrariums

Eggcellent egg shell terrariums

This is a brilliant idea to make terrarium from egg shell by you. The result will be cute to be placed at your kids’ room. Put some variety in each egg shell for wonderful creativity.

8.     Create a Water Garden

Create a water garden

Water garden in a tea cup will be nice idea for beautify your home. But, you have to spend more time to maintenance this terrarium. Put this water garden at your private room will be better idea.

9.     Mini Fairy Garden

Mini fairy garden

It’s not bad to still like fairy tale till you are adult. It will make you more creative especially in making some crafts. See this mini fairy tale garden which will looks good to be put on your desk.

10. Adorable Spice Jar Terrariums

Adorable spice jar terrariums

Archer farms spice jar can be used to make a beautiful terrarium. Ask your kids to help you make this terrarium, it will be fun. Do it at holiday as a quality time for having useful activities.


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