Injecting a little personality to your furniture is a must. And, DIY project is the best way to add it. DIY allows you to customize your space and transform it on a budget. Check out these easy DIY chairs project for your home decor to inspire you below, and happy DIY-ing!

Modern Wooden Chair


To make this modern wooden chair, all you need is just 2x lumber and some tools. A box-like in this chair is a bit strange, but it also makes the chair look modern. And the great thing about modern wooden chair is that they have a woodsy feel in it which makes this DIY project is perfect for you.

Wooden Dowel Chair


This bohemian style chair is made from dowel wooden pieces and perfect for your space that need a little modern touch that feels handmade but dainty. And the best thing about this project is easy to make.

Mongolian Stool

Take a regular stool, unscrew the top of it and build a cushion around it before screwing it back onto the chair’s structure and this Mongolian Stool is ready to beautify your space.

Hammock Chair

Prepare a good quality canvas, strong oak dowel and a little sewing to do this project. Hammock has a natural, relaxed feel and you can take a nap there, too.

Wooden Dining Chair

All you need to do is upholstered your chairs by adding a foam pad and sew it with pattern fabric that suitable with the style of your space and this DIY wooden dining chair is perfect for your dining room.

Minimalist Chair

all you need is a board and this minimalist chair will revolutionize your entire home.

Stick Chair


This stick chair is small which means that it is easy to place it anywhere, especially in a small space. all you need is slim pieces of wood and paint and this DIY stick chair can be finished with any stain that you want.

Beanbag Chair

Beanbag chair is become quite popular nowadays. Prepare a leftover fabric scraps and polyester stuffing that is so affordable to make this DIY beanbag project and your empty corner of your space can turns into a cozy reading nook with it.

Bookshelf Chair

For a small space, having a multipurpose furniture is a must. Try this DIY bookshelf chair that can be a great addition to your house.

Wingback Chair

This chair is so classic but will make your dining room shine. You can add some light curves to the side of the chair to add a bit more personality. This project is easy to do but will take some time. But once you’ve finish, your patience has its rewards.

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