Halloween parties are not complete with scary decorations and other similar things. This decoration aims to add a creepy and festive touch to your class. Halloween is not just about clothes – there is a lot of potentials to make some interesting crafts too. And you don’t need to buy a lot of things. So you can just take the paper glue, some pens, some pumpkins, and colorful paper. With these materials, you can make Halloween decorations in the form of ghosts, skeletons, and spiders.

Decorations in black, orange and dark red are usually synonymous with Halloween nuances. Coupled with pumpkin decorations that are made to resemble the shape of a human face. There are other creative ways you can try to add a spooky feel during the Halloween celebration without the need to replace the entire classroom decoration. Only by making or adding some homemade ornaments, you can create Halloween decorations in class. Halloween decoration from the paper is an easy way. You can create a paper skull ornament to be mounted on the wall.

DIY paper pumpkin
halloween Mr paper bones huge
Spider webs craft
Halloween craft carton bats
rolled up mummies
yummy spider

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craft from pumpkin shaped paper for classroom entrance decorations
DIY paper craft with Halloween theme on the wall
large witch’s hat over the door
light pumpkin craft
Mr bones scary craft
pumpkin craft with a variety of unique expressions
pumpkin paper craft
Spider craft on the window
tree-shaped craft of paper
unique witch’s hat craft for door class decoration

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bat craft
bats and cobwebs in front of the classroom entrance
casper ghost craft on the door
decoration door to enter class
decoration pumpkin on the door
DIY casper craft
DIY pumpkin craft
spider craft from pumpkin
spider craft hanging on ceiling
spider craft on the wall
unique craft at the entrance of the class by saying hello halloowen
witch’s hat craft

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Bats are the most common decoration at Halloween parties. You can create a variety of bat decorations. Put bat decorations on the classroom window or in front of the door, and let the creepy imagination enter the mind of anyone who sees it. Or you can also put a bat decoration that hangs on the ceiling of the class. Another easy craft is making a mummy. All you need is cans, bandages, and scissors. Make the classroom door more eye-catching by making it a creepy pumpkin face or the face of an old witch’s.

In Halloween celebrations, everyone not only decorates costumes, the exterior or interior can also be decorated very uniquely. There are many crafts that are made to celebrate Halloween. Starting from food to complete accessories ‘presented’ like in the world of ‘ghosts’ creepy. For those of you who like spiders, you can make a Halloween craft made of biscuits. Its unique shape can attract the attention of children to eat it.

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