A water fountain is such a great way to create a fresh and peaceful ambiance in your outdoor space. The sound of the water falling can be a therapy for your tired body and mind after your busy day of work. Moreover, the existence of the water can create a natural impression which is known for its function for the warm and fresh atmosphere. You can even make the birds come into your water fountain to get some drink and bathing.

A water fountain is not that hard to be made. You can even do the DIY project of it. What you have to do is prepare the water installation for the water fountain and then considering your budget so that you can decide on the design that will fit you. You can use the materials that already exist in your house or you can buy some of them from the stores, just adjust it based on your budget.

This one is a really simple water fountain with only one simple pot which is added with rocks in natural colors. You may think that it is too simple but it is really awesome that can be applied both for your modern or farmhouse home style.

Fashion like an old stone mill this fountain is the perfect size for a patio or small backyard. Complete your water fountain with flowing water. Don’t forget to add a neat and beautiful water pump set.

Make an outdoor concrete with gold color fountain which is really classy and warm. This soothing fountain creates a soothing addition to your landscape and garden with this unique water feature.

Three tiered garden fountains create an expensive fountain effect for your garden at a fraction of the small cost by making it from parts found at thrift stores. You will surely never be bored to spend your time in the garden or your outdoor area.

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Build a happy fountain from two garden pot and a small pump to get the best features of this smart backyard fountain. The base is made from a long sewer pipe add brown or black gravel that adds to the happiness or peace when the water splashes.

This red brick pots for water fountain is really awesome in farmhouse and rustic style. Add the water to reach the drain level, the water will spill to a lower level, only to be recirculated in a refreshing and cool stream.

This blue fountain is commonly used in Japanese gardens. You can enjoy the rhythmic sound of this fountain that brings to your yard to give the peaceful feeling of it.

Homemade fountains are perfect for your minimalist garden, put cheap electric pumps into large containers of clay or concrete growers, then fill with water and install it. Enter your creations with a low-flower ground cover to accentuate your landscape, or mount it on a deck or terrace and relax with the sound of running water that calms the mind.

Large pots that are great to be the focal point in the backyard. Clean the dirt so that you can have a good look of it. When it still looks dull, don’t forget to repaint it to make it look more beautiful. To add extra beauty, don’t forget to add your favorite flowers properly.

Try to polish the old vintage pot that you don’t use, consider changing the bottle to a backyard fountain. This DIY water fountain uses large and one small pots which have been repainted to improve beautiful look on it. Add the water pump that have precision and excellent flow.

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The most important material for your water fountain is the pots. You can use one pot or you can draw up two or three pots vertically to get the extra water fountain design. Don’t forget to arrange the pot based on its size. Place the smaller size above then the biggest one on the down side so that everything could be in balance. Make sure that you use the same pot design to make it match one another.

For your water fountain additional decoration, you can use some rocks or gravel. Give colors on it so that your water fountain will be more impressive. The flowers or plants around it can also give extra pretty look. If you love colors, then you can also paint your pots, or purchase for the colorful pots at the store. You can adjust the design of your water fountain based on your garden or porch decoration style.

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