To decorate your own cake is such a worthy because it can satisfy you with your own dream cake design. Moreover, it is really possible for you to make the DIY project of it since it is not too difficult if you really wish to have it where you can adjust your capability with the design. You can also use some additional ornament where you can just simply stick it on the cake than to make the shape of it on your own.

Animal Theme

Animal theme will be great for your kids cake. We do guarantee that it can be a really interesting cake since kids world won’t be too far from animal things. If you are going to make it, you can adjust the design based on your kids favorite animal so that it can be really meaningful for them.

Gray teddy bear above the cute colorful cake with certain different patterns.

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Animal theme cake with Nemo and Dorry character as the fish and other sea living things

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Brown cake with colorful snake ornament above the soil and grass shape made of chocolate and butter cream
Cute owl theme in pretty purple and pink cake color for your baby girl
Elephant theme cake in blue and gray basic color decoration for your baby boy
An animal theme cake which is formed in number shape to show the age

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Floral Theme

Floral theme cake has an ability to create such a pretty glorious cake look. If making the flower shape is too difficult, you can do it with the real flower or synthetic flower. For the real flower it might will be a little bit difficult for you to sterilize it because it will broke easily but it is really perfect for you to use the real one.

Simple cake in unfinished white butter cream around added with soft pastel color flowers to make it really elegant
Two stages cake in white color with pink roses to make it really pretty in its simplicity
Uncovered cake design in flower theme that added with fruits to make it more colorful
Flower theme cake in soft color scheme which is really homely and lovely
Luxurious cake in three stages with flowers around to add the value of the cake
Textured cake with purple flower ornament which is really calm yet adorable

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Fruit Theme

Fruit theme cake has a really fresh and healthy impression. You can always have it weather for kids, teens, or even adults. Moreover, it is really easy to be made because you use the real fruits and just need to add beauty touches by using grains, chocolate, butter cream, and whatever that maybe loved by the cake owner.

Carry as the main fruit theme with pink cream and brown cake
Lemon cake with lemon slices and grain as the cake ornament in white butter cream
Sweet chocolate cake with red carry that is covered with chocolate half of the carry to add texture
Fresh banana and strawberry fruit in rectangle shape cake
Orange carrot cake decorated with lot of cherry above
Red and white cake with red berry to make it in harmony with the cake colors

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Disney Theme

Who doesn’t love Disney? Not only for kids, even adults love Disney so that it can be really proper for both of them. Most common Disney figures that are loved to be applied in cake decors are Tayo, Frozen, Mickey and Minnie, and the timeless cartoon figure that is Angry Birds.

Cake design in a very well known Tayo theme with the bus figure above the cake and other additional ornament to strengthen the theme
A very glorious Frozen theme cake with Elsa as the main character that will make this cake design looks really pretty
Brown cake in Angry Birds theme with the figures placed above the cake as the ornament.

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Unique Minnie Mouse birthday cake with the figure that is designed to arise like a surprise in pink and white basic color cake decoration
Cute Minnie Mouse birthday cake with pink and white as the basic colors scheme
Frozen cake theme with Olaf as the main character in white and blue color scheme

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