Mirror becomes something important for women where it is used for them to be one of their tools to beautify their look. It can’t be denied that women are really concern with their look and they can’t even live without mirrors. As they love beauty, to have all of their things looks pretty will also become their concern and not an exception with their tools.

Women always persevering to do things to as the effort to make all of their things look pretty. Talking about mirror, it will be really possible for them to make their own DIY mirror decoration to get the pretty look. Doing the DIY mirror is quite worthy as it can increase their mood in adorn their self because beauty things can always win your mood.

Big mirror combined with unique wooden frame
Beautiful frame with pearl craft to perfect your mirror
Beautiful mirror frame with flowers
Black wooden frame to perfect your mirror
Flowers frame to perfect your mirror decoration
Gold frame to perfect your mirror
Leaves patterned mirror frame
Lighting behind the mirror
Pink wooden mirror frame combined with flowers decoration
Mirror with bamboo frame
Mirror with eye-shaped frame
Mirror with iron frame
Mirror with lamps on the mirror
Mirror with old wooden frame
Mirror with wooden frame
Modern mirror design with crystal frame
Wooden craft mirror frame
Rectangular mirror combined with lamps
Rectangular mirror with carving frame
Rope frame to perfect your mirror
Round mirror with unique wooden frame
Round mirror with wooden frame
Small mirror with stone frame
Stone mirror frame for bathroom
Mosaic tile mirror frame to perfect your bathroom
Unique metal frame for mirror
Unique wooden frame to perfect your mirror
Snail frame to perfect your mirror
Wooden mirror frame combined with lamps above mirror
Wooden mirror frame with lighting to perfect your mirror

There are some different designs that we serve above, you can choose the one that really fit your personality. Some of you may have a cheer up personality that makes you love something colorful and a little bit crowded. In otherwise, you may choose to have the classic and glamorous one. Just apply the designs that can make you happy without any force.

The materials that are used will be different based on the designs. Several designs may need lot of budget on the materials so that beside you have to adjust the look, you also need to adjust the budget so that it won’t force you. Now that we have served you with the design references, it’s time for you to prepare yours. Have fun!

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