The wardrobe does not only contain stacks of clothes or coat hangers on the other side. Now, the wardrobe has drawers that we can use as a place to store things. Both the wardrobe is open or closed now also has many drawers in it. Drawers are not just complementary to cabinets, but now have an important role for storing clothes or other important objects.

Drawers have become an inseparable part of the furniture. Its function is that it can accommodate both large and small items. Besides the rack is also easy to open and close. There is a variety of furniture that is equipped with drawers and also has a variety of models. In addition, you can use the drawer as a place to store accessories, securities, or even for special clothing. The drawer can also be used as a tie collection to keep it neat.

DIY drawer made of paper for stationery containers
DIY drawers made of glass that look modern
White DIY drawer for clothes
Simple yet cool DIY wooden drawer
DIY wooden drawer for toiletries
DIY wooden drawer for makeup tools
Small DIY wooden drawer for spice containers
White plastic DIY drawer for toiletries and safe
DIY wooden drawer for cutlery
White DIY wooden drawer
DIY wooden drawer for your child’s school supplies
DIY wooden drawer for electronic tools
White DIY drawer for small tool holders
DIY drawer for small building tools
DIY drawer for office equipment
DIY drawers for forks and spoons in the kitchen
DIY drawer for women’s makeup equipment

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Patterned DIY drawer for office supplies
DIY drawer for cooking utensils

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DIY drawer for electric cooking equipment
Storied DIY drawer for cooking utensils
DIY wooden drawer for cooking utensils in the kitchen
DIY wooden drawer for equipment sharp objects
DIY wooden drawer for ingredients for cooking
DIY drawer for cloth and plates
DIY drawer for fancy tableware
DIY drawer for food ingredients

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Not all wardrobe has drawers. However, its presence can save space in a wardrobe. This storage area is used to store your favorite accessories or small-sized clothes such as underwear and socks. In addition, you can use the wardrobe drawer to store other items which of course are not too big. Drawers are not only found in the wardrobe, in the kitchen, there are also drawers that function to store kitchen equipment.

Kitchen drawers have several functions. The first is easy to access because it is located under the cabin so you will be easy to reach it. Then, the second is that the drawer parts are very easy to set up and tidy up. And also you can put a barrier to be more organized and put things according to their function. Drawers are also easy to clean.

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