Christmas trees are absolute iconic decorations to have for welcoming the festive day. Spread the spirit of merry and bright ambiance in the winter by decorating your Christmas tree into another level. For those who aren’t currently into regular Christmas tree decorations ideas from the nearby store, opt for your own DIY projects. All you need is simply uniquely personalized ornaments that’ll charm your Christmas trees.

Buckle up and check our list below on awesome DIY ornaments to make your Christmas trees alive.

1. Paper Ornaments

There is no easier yet more fun to do than DIY projects from paper. Have your paper collections ready with scissors, glue, and other accessories, like beads, ribbon, and string. List a number of Christmas-themed ornaments, like snowflakes, Christmas trees, and reindeer, then start making your paper ornaments. Decorate your creations, and simply hang them on your Christmas trees!

Adorable DIY ornament to liven up your Christmas tree with paper festive balls ornaments that will match well with your tree.
Affordable DIY ornaments to liven up your Christmas tree by featuring these charming paper ballerinas that we’ll instantly fall in love.
Amazing DIY ornaments to liven up your Christmas tree with paper stacked starburst. You could even use different color and patterned paper throughout the project.
Awesome DIY ornament to liven up your Christmas tree with paper scalloped balls. Just grab some fun paper and get started tonight.
Gorgeous DIY ornament to liven up your Christmas tree by dip them in some glitter.
Incredible DIY ornament to liven up your Christmas tree with paper ornaments in all these tiny, dark brown bows.
Stylish DIY ornament to liven up your Christmas tree with paper glitter cutouts to create the classic charming.

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2. Hanging Pinecone Decor

Pinecone décor adds both organic sensation and chicness to your amazing Christmas trees décor. You can create variations with your pinecones, like adorning them with ribbon and tinsel and making them into reindeer pinecone décor, or you can simply hang them naked. 

Apply the pinecone to dress up your Christmas tree by decorating it with ribbon attached to the gold-plated pine.
This whole gold pinecone decoration looks really glorious yet simple with the brown ribbon to hang it.
Pinecone ornaments hang on the chandelier with blue ribbons.
Pine bow cone ornament is enough to dress up the Christmas tree. Simply add it with brown bow for the sophisticated Christmas tree decoration.
The pinecones look even more adorable with the colorful decoration. Even more, the snow makes the pinecone has more adorable look.
This time the pinecone made of fabric which is really unique. It might need more time but quite worthy.

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3. Crochet Snowflakes

DIY projects would certainly be more dazzling if you add handmade crochet accessories as your Christmas tree decorations ideas. Try this uniquely iconic ornament: snowflake! Snowflake ornaments surely work for both Christmas-themed and winter-themed decorations. You can create crocheted snowflakes in various sizes and colors, too, and your awesome Christmas tree decorations are officially yours!

A DIY crochet snowflake ornament that adds the beauty of the brightly colored Christmas tree.
Adding these snowflake trinkets to your Christmas tree will entirely changes its look. Apply some sparkle on the snowflakes for that extra festive gleam.
Amazing DIY crochet snowflake ornament so that your tree will look like a winter wonderland when it’s adorned with these snowflakes.
Crochet snowflakes are so easy and fun to make. That is a perfect starting point for beginners so that you can complete a simple snowflake faster than any other project.
Use a small bundle of white cotton crochet thread to work on this neat snowflake pattern. If you want to make these snowflakes rigid, then apply some fabric stiffener and attach them on the walls or tree.
If you belong to that part of the world where it hardly snows during winter then this crochet white snowflakes will bring some chill to your home.
Maintain the simplicity of your holiday décor with these cozy crochet snowflakes that require only two rounds of stitching.

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4. Lightbulb Christmas Balls

Feeling bored with regular Christmas balls from the store for your Christmas trees? Opt for your personalized Christmas balls from an unexpected material: lightbulb! Grab your unused lightbulbs and fill them with tiny sparkly ornaments. Adorn them with shiny tinsel décor, and hang them on your Christmas trees. Hopefully, the ideas on making wonderful DIY ornaments to liven up your Christmas trees will keep you inspired. Try some and give it a go!

An ordinary light bulb seems to have the perfect shape for a snowman. There are a number of different ways to make snowballs. It’s perfect for trees or just a cute little decoration around the house.
With just a few sparkling wires and lights, you can create truly elegant decorations. We recommend making a set with different colored glitter to match the shades of red, green, silver and gold Christmas.
Make sure that you add Santa to the tree where all the presents go under. You can even add some wool for his beard and add a little hat for the Santa.
Christmas light bulb with this little Santa picture because you really don’t need to be an artist to make it. What we really like is making a complete set for each of Santa’s faces, with Rudolph and his bright red nose on the front lines.
With a bit of craft painted and some fabric scraps, you can make the cutest light bulb ornaments to hang.

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