Christmas Eve is a great time to gather and have dinner with family. Therefore we must decorate the dining table as beautiful as possible. Certainly, the table settings that are too ordinary will make the dining table less attractive. Then there are various ways to make the dining table more attractive, one of which is to place a centerpiece. The centerpiece not only beautifies the dining table but also gives dominance in the interior arrangement.

Mason Jars

Mason jar is certainly not a foreign object anymore. Therefore these versatile jars are easy to find and can be used to be anything, including to beautify your dining table as part of centerpieces. Moreover, you can use Mason as a candle holder. Combine this item with other decorations such as pine cones, berries and other decorations to make it look perfect.

Christmas Dining Table Centerpiece with a mason jar, A handful of sugared artificial fruit create a colorful look you can use for both Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Christmas Dining Table Centerpiece with a mason jar some greenery make a really pretty minimalist Holiday decor look.
Christmas Dining Table Centerpiece with mason jars A few candy cane candles with some real candy canes will make a fun and pretty table setting that kids will especially love
Dining table decoration with mason jars, the bright lights coming from the mason jar luminary, decorated with pinecones and needles, displayed in a wooden plank, give off magical feeling to the setting.
Dining table decoration with upcycling those unused mason jars in your stock room. Arrange theme in a wooden stump, put candle inside and decorate the sides with pine needles, pine cones, and berries.

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Pine Cones

Making a dining table decoration using a pine cone is very easy. Also, this decoration is suitable for all kinds of decoration styles and is easy to get. You only need to provide some pine cones combined with other decorations such as candles, pine leaves and mini Christmas trees. Pinecone serves to bring a natural atmosphere to your dining table.

Dining table decoration with a last-minute Christmas centerpiece. It only takes 5 minutes to make one. Just place pine cones around candles and you’re good to go dining table.
Dining table decoration with pine cone Christmas Dining Table Centerpiece. candle put in a glass and voila, You have this amazing and easy table decoration.
Dining table decoration with pine cone Christmas DIY Holiday projects is fun and elegant. Use them as inspiration to create your own Holiday look
Neutral Christmas Tablescape with Pine Cones Moscow Mule Copper Glasses adds a beautiful touch to any Christmas Table Setting.
Turn your dining room into a beautiful and snowy Winter Pine Cones this holiday season. to decorate the dining room Organic colors and forest creatures turn this space into a holiday dream.

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Decorative Candles

Only by providing the right decoration, your home can look more “stylish”. In addition, one decoration ornament that can give these nuances is a group of candles. Then try it yourself, placing candles as a “centerpiece” on the dining table or in your living room. As a result, you will see the difference in the room.

Dining table decoration with Decorative Candles and Wooden tree trunk chargers add a very unique touch to any rustic tablescape and will wow any guests. They are great to use for plates or even centerpieces.
Dining table decoration with red and green, but by using different colors purple for example we can create an elegant scene. Match those chunk of purple candles with purple star and Christmas balls decorations.
Mixing up lively decorative colors is a fun way for a Christmas theme. It resembles happy moments and makes you feel like a kid again. Be creative and try to experiment with the colors to achieve this kind of theme.
Dining table decoration with Green is one of my favorite colors and I didn’t know that it can go along well with gold and blue. This easy table decoration is simple and very easy to make.

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With Decorative Candles in a jar, mix gold, red, white, and some green plants to create an elegant tablescape.

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Mini Christmas Tree

The centerpiece doesn’t always have to be a vase with flowers. You can use simple but interesting objects like mini Christmas trees. This item will look great when hung with decorative candles, pine cones, mason jar or bottles. In addition, a fruit basket, pudding or cake stack can also be used as a practical and multifunctional centerpiece.

A few beautiful champagne colored glittery Christmas trees in the center of the table add a touch of glam to any holiday tablescape.
Dining table decorations with Mini Christmas Tree and Candles. Some artificial cranberries and glass jars make beautiful and colorful table settings.
A dining table decorated with mini wooden Christmas trees and gold beads shaped into a classic table setting and adds a touch of modern flair to every Holiday tablescape.
A dining table decorated with mini Christmas trees made of candles in the shape of a classic and rustic table setting. Take some silver pine seed ornaments to use as a place setting.
with a mini Christmas tree covered in fake snow golden candles all around it adds a very inspiring elegant touch to the Holiday table setting.

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The centerpiece is a decorative decoration that is usually placed on a table. Its function is to decorate and enhance the appearance of the table so it does not seem plain and boring. Not only that, but the centerpiece also functions as a focal point, especially at dinner parties, so that it can attract everyone’s views.

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