Having their own toys are really fun for kids. Especially when you make it together with them. Not only to give them their own toys but it also really functioned to grow their creativity. Here, we would like to inspire with some creative DIY toys ideas that will keep your kids busy, productive and you can also share love and attention to your kids at once.

Now, start by preparing simple and easy-to-find material, it is plastic bottles. If you have some, don’t throw them in the bin immediately because you can be so creative with your children by making toys from the waste plastic bottles. There are so many kinds of toys utilizing waste plastic bottles. For example, you can make toys that resemble a specific animal like a dog or an elephant.

This DIY toy has materials from used plastic bottles. But it has beautiful motives so the children will be happy if you give the toy.

Use a used bottle as a toy, like this one. Made as bowling pins that can be used as toys for your children. That way your child will feel at home.

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Toys that are shaped like puppies are made from used plastic bottles. But this toy has a good impression even though it is only made from used materials.

You can turn a white milk bottle into one of the best toys. By giving a hole to the bottle and giving additional decorations like a small doll. Making used bottles into homes.

Cut your old plastic bottle into two parts, then put back together with the bottom part and don’t forget you put a hole. That way the used bottle becomes a simple bubble-producing toy.

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Same with other toys. But this toy is made from used plastic bottles that were given white paint and added colorful motifs so it looks more beautiful. And can be used as toys for your children.

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Don’t forget to add a brown rope to your homemade toy, the rope can become a hat. Then it is given to straw people who are blinded from plastic bottles and become toys that look complete.

You can make interesting toys, like this. By using a used bottle, you can turn it into a cool elephant head and as beautiful as a toy for your child.

Only with used bottles, you can make toys. By cutting the bottle of the bottle and giving it a white paint. Turning these parts into rabbit bodies. Then you just make his head.

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Use two large used bottles, then combine the two with glue and add color paint according to your child’s preference. Then add paper or tissue as the flame. Rocket toy put.

Take two different parts from the bottom of the bottle. Then put together and give paint that resembles the animal Penguin. Then don’t forget to add a scarf from the ribbon so the toy looks funny.

Use a few bottles and cut them into pieces that must be used. Then unit it with glue and shape it into a toy robot. So it becomes a cool toy.

One bottle is enough to make a toy. Only by adding red artificial wings and applying gray paint. It can be a simple toy rocket.

Plastic bottles are items that are easy to find. That way you can use it to become children’s toys. Like this one, make a horse toy from a bottle and provide additional decoration such as hair and ears.

Another thing you can do is make toys from used bottles. Like a sparkling gray rocket that can make your child startled and amazed to see it.

DIY toys from used plastic bottles, which you can paint to resemble cute minions. Then you make a small circle so your child can play throwing the circle into the minion.

Making toy cars is very easy. Just look for a used plastic bottle and give it a blue color and wheels from the bottle lid. And the toy car is finished.

Combine plastic bottles with holes and put in cardboard boxes that are shaped like wings. And give it another decoration to make it look more similar to an airplane.

With plastic bottles, you can make cool simple robots. By cutting a part of the bottle, then connect it with glue so that you can easily from it.

This cool toy design is only made of plastic bottles. By making a hole in the middle of the bottle that aims to be the mouth so your child can play with him.

Crafts from used bottles are not bad. Your stay provides a variety of shapes and colors. Like this toy, with a horse head shape and has a pink color that looks cute

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Hello Kitty is indeed a very cute toy. The toy is very suitable if you make it for your daughter. With bottles cut to shape and put together with glue. Then you just paint it to make it better.

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This toy has material from plastic bottles. What was cut in half and what was taken was the bottom. Then put together and painted to look beautiful.

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Toy decorations can be taken from various references. But this one is the right recommendation for you to make. Using a used bottle given extra decoration makes it a cool Penguin.

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You can also make the learning media to your children like adding numbers to each bottle, turn it into the piggy bank, robots and many others for your children. One thing you should concern that this kind of toy will be addressed to children so, it would be better to use colorful so it really attracts their attention.

Furthermore, this DIY project is a less expensive project than those toys in a shop. Start with simple toys made y using existed waste bottles, glue, and paints. This activity is worth to try then you will have special days to be spent with your family members. So, hopefully, those pics above can lite you up to do some good home activities with your kids.

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