Glitter has sparkling colors where there will be so many awesome DIY glitter craft you can make. Here, the sparkle is suitable to make the things even more beautiful. In this case, glitter is not only for Christmas decorations, but you can use it for home decoration. Glitter can make your furniture and ornament seem luxurious where it usually used to decorate candle holders, mason jar, plant pots and so on.

Decorative Candle

Candle holders are items that are easy to decorate. This item is also easy to get to stores near your home. candle holders are available in various forms. In order to decorate it, you just need to apply it with glitter on the container. Furthermore, to be more beautiful you can add ribbons and form a picture of the heart in the candle holder.

To turn your home into a glowing domain, glitter-decorated candles and ribbons have the highest voting rights. They can add beauty to light in your home decor.
Decorate your room with white candles on a gold board adorned with golden glitter. This will speak for the extension of the luminous domain that you made for your home.
Decorative candles come in various shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. They can be decorated with glitter, ribbons to enhance interior decoration and table decorations.
White candles add tranquility and peace to the interior decoration of the glitter and mason jar making romantic candles for a special night in the room.

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You can use candles and lanterns that are coated in gold glitter in a vintage style making a fantastic candle holder for interior decoration.
This white candle combined with gold and red glitter is very suitable to decorate your empty table or room.
Mason jar for this type of project. You can make lots of interesting candles using it. For example, this glitter has a beautiful red and pink appearance and will look great on the table.

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Decorative Planter

If you are bored with monotonous pots and seem to bury, you can try decorating them using glitter. As we already know, glitter has sparkling colors so it will make your pot more eye-catching. Glitter is an odorless, non-toxic and safe material when used properly. so you don’t need to worry if your child or family hold the glitter. Glitter has also been proven to make a Christmas tree more lively.

Take the route using a steady hand to paint hearts with gold glitter in your flower pot. This is a great idea to park in the interior of your home.
This golden glitter is great for all types of crafts, so it’s not surprising that they work well when decorating your flower pots and home plants.
When it comes to most craft projects, you just can’t go wrong with glitter! Even the humble plant pot needs some sparkle and pizzazz and we think The Pretty Bee has truly mastered this with her simple tutorial.
Simply coat the pot in decoupage medium followed by glitter to create a glamorous look. Once the planter is dry, fill it with a tiny houseplant.

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Glitter makes everything more fun, including indoor gardening, these mini pots are perfect for decorating small shelves or desks.
If you have a broken old flower pot, you can use it to create this design! sprinkle gold and red glitter on the top of the pot and then position it in whatever pattern you want around the flower pot.
A good idea for a more beautiful natural room, this design consists of white pots and gold glitter with the addition of pearls of wisdom covering the outside of the flowerpot.

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Hanging Ornament

Glitter is a perfect match for crafts or accessories. Glitter Powder is a collection of powder or powder of colorful shiny particles when exposed to light. Functions and uses of this Glitter Powder for hand-crafted or printing materials that are sprinkled on the surface to make it look more beautiful and attractive. people often use glitter to make their accessories look sparkling. We also often see Christmas decorations in the form of accessories and other ornaments using glitter.

Use cardboard and make the design you want and decorate it with a beautiful golden glitter, mix it with a red ribbon on it, then hang it up.
Once your star is dry, tap off the excess glitter and add a layer of watered-down school glue with a paintbrush by gently dabbing it on.
Talk about space and sunny, snowflakes adorned with glitter silver will really shine. Simply hang ornaments on top and trees to increase the room.
Hanging ornaments with stars decorated with pretty gold glitter will be very useful to hang in your room.

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All you need is a mini funnel, gold glitter, and acrylic paint. Add your personal touch with beautiful ribbons. Sprinkle them randomly and change the ribbon size randomly.
Display of glitter by buying a piece of glitter paper, to make a DIY decoration. To see how he measures and cuts paper to make arcs, click the tutorial.
Utilize the feather that is combined with this golden glitter and try to turn it into a very creative and beautiful ornament in your room.

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Glitter is one of the most popular powder. People often use it for eyeshadow, lipstick, faux freckles, festival look, even on nail polish. Although we use glitter to decorate furniture, we must also be aware of the dangers of glitter. Recently researchers said that glitter was also dangerous for the environment. but as long as we don’t use it excessively, glitter is still safe to use.

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