Glitter and mason jar are two things that really common for the DIY craft projects. Not only common, those things also flexible as it can be used to make several crafts. It covers from the stand out DIY glitter ornament to the functional stuff like lighting or vase. For more detail explanation, let’s talk about it one by one from the ornament to the functional stuff so that you can get the best references.


For the ornament, it will be mostly the standing ornament that made of jars. Then, for the application of the glitter it will be in varied. You can apply it by combining the glittery and not glittery paint color with the same tone. Apply the glitter into the outer part of the jars, or you can mix the glitter with water then put it into the jars that will be pretty.

Glass jar that has a sparkling red color motif looks beautiful. Then you can add Santa Claus ornament inside the glass jar to make it more cute.
A clear glass jar with a sparkling blue decoration that looks good. And you can add it with sparkling snowflake decorations also to make it looks stunning.

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You can combine an extraordinary sparkling blue patterned jar. Then add a gray ribbon accessories and snowflake motif that looks solid.
Glass jar with the face of a cute snowman which combined with black decoration shaped like a black hat.

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Small black jar with beautiful sparkling decoration where you can embellish it with a black ribbon that looks elegant.
White jar ornament that looks simple but stand out with the purple glitter decoration.
Jars with gold paint color and glitter that looks really elegant to give the impression of luxury.
This sparkling blue jar looks really beautiful and peaceful. Then, if you are not satisfied with the glitter, you can add a white palace motif on the jar.
Beautiful jar as the decoration for your home that added with sparkling colors to make it looks stunning in ombre style.
The combination of purple and pink jars are really perfect. You can combine the colors from the glitter to the plain one.

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Functional Stuff

Mostly, the jars will be for lighting, whether the candle and fairy light. However, you can also utilize it as the storage such as your makeup brush, stationery, or cutlery. In case you need pretty things for your home decoration needs, you can use it as the vase. Simply put the real flower or the artificial one. Go check out the following designs for your inspiration.

The jar that you normally use as the lighting here decorated with pink sprinkle that will be proper for the glitter decoration.

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The combination of small glass jars and charming pink candles are really perfect. You can also apply it with sparkling gold color ornament to make it harmonious.
Beauty of the sparkling purple jar which provides benefit for you to store your painting brushes.
Colorful patterned jars with sparkling color that look beautiful. You can function it as food containers such as candy and chocolate.
Two small sparkling green and violet jars that you can utilize to put your make up brushes.
For the luxurious look, you can use this gold glittery mason jar as the vase. Put the artificial flowers for the durable one.
Beautiful color combination jars that applied in ombre style will be both unique and pretty. Here, you can use it to store your makeup brush and flowers vase.
Small red painted vase jar that applied with the glitter at the bottom part for the stand out impression.
This simple white jar color looks chic and pretty with the pink glitter. Then, you can use it as the vase to store your glittery leaves.

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Three colorful jars that look cute. You can also add a sparkling decoration and this jar has a function as a container of white flowers.

image source

Glass jar that looks simple for lighting in your home. then you also combine it with a beautiful sparkling blue decoration.

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We do really advice you to make both the ornament and the functional crafts for the jar and glitter. It is because both are really worthy to beautify your home. Or, if you have the limitation of the jar, you can combine between the ornament and the functional side at once. It means that you can use your lighting or vase as the ornament too so that you can get two purposes from one stuff.

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