Don’t worry for this winter. You can prepare a fire pit that will make you warmer. A good fire pit is not only give warm but also entertaining and aesthetic value. See this sophisticated fire pit design ideas along with the splendid seating area as follow;

The Rule of Three

The rule of three

Look at this unique fire pit. Enjoy the season by having these free standing, metal fire pits that will make you feel warmth, comfort and dynamic just in one place. The long bench helps your family sit together and closer each other.

Saloon Style Fire Pit

saloon style fire pit

Enjoy yourself at this winter by sitting on front of this campfire. Sitting at this chair make you easy to drink your whisky for decreasing cold. You can lay your back by listening to the music you like.

Cosy Courtyard

cosy courtyard

This fire pit made from brick. This perfect outdoor is the best place to relax after one day long. Don’t forget to prepare what you want to eat or drink along the night at this place. Have a great winter.

Booth Fire Pit

booth fire pit

You are please to have close conversation with your spouse in front of this booth fire pit. This place is suitable for you who want to do private talk with someone you need. While enjoy the warm, you can listen carefully what you partner talking.

Glass Bottom Fire Pit

glass bottom fire pit


The component of fire glass create luxurious look for your outdoor place. Let this Azuria glass show its shine as like as jewelry. This will show blink till the place where you sit. This makes a beautiful effect when being fired ever.

The Fire Centerpiece

The fire centerpiece

Have a coffee table with a fire pit centerpiece is amazing. It is not only give you modern look but also entertaining. Have a great time with your family at this astonishing outdoor place.

Resort Style Fire Pit

Resort style fire pit

What a clever outdoor design! White shows beauty and elegant look in one time. This place seems like in a luxury hotel isn’t it? You will not forget your time together with your spouse at this elegant fire pit.

Toasty Porch

Toasty porch

Your day will be delightful when spending time together with your family at this swing chair. See your family member regale this winter by sitting around the fire pit made by gentle rocking. Have a great time and let your night more incredible.

Raw Fire Pit

Raw fire pit

Let it be your best time with your spouse by sitting close to this fire pit. This is an innovative fire pit made by raw materials and metals. It’s easy to be made, even if you only have a small space at your garden.

Mix of the Elements

Mix of the elements

Imagine you are in a great palace with this beautiful fire pit. This is the combination of water and fire elements at one place. Is it looked amazing? You and your family can sit around this beautiful fire pit which will give you warm.





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