As a modern mom, today you are asked to be able doing anything at your house. It is not only cooking or washing the cloth but also other abilities to make your house more interesting. But, make sure you do a fun thing for your house. It should be functional and easy to make. Here are some inspirations for mom to try;

Backyard Playhouse

Backyard playhouse


You don’t need to have a tree to make this backyard playhouse. But, make sure you have basic carpentry skill. This project need more time to do. If you want to ask your children help, it will be good idea.

Chalkboard for Kids Room

Chalkboard paint in kids room


Keep your wall clear by making a chalkboard for your children. They will not write on the wall if they have their own chalkboard. Let your children explore their ability in writing at the chalkboard made by their own mother.

Fun Ruler Growth Chart

Fun ruler growth chart


Every kid will grow taller every some period.  It will be fun if you mark their growing in a fun ruler growth chart. It will look so cute by putting their photos there. You only need a plain wood, ruler, and marker to make it by yourself.

Easy Frame Tent

Easy frame tent


This is an indoor tent that is easy to be made. Prepare some pieces of woods, a piece of cloth or curtain, and drills.  Your child will enjoy playing at this tent while reading the books they like.

Skateboard Swing



you can change your child skateboard into different thing which will make your child happy. If it is not used any longer, drill the wood using screwdriver. Take a rope and hang it at the tree. Now, your child can play at this new shape of skateboard swing.

Climbing Wall for Kids

Climbing wall for kids


If you have an active child, you need extra time to watch them when playing. This climbing wall will be a nice choice to make your child play at room. You need to have a big square wood which is strong and smooth. Add some little woods to be used as foothold.  This is a great room for your clever child, isn’t it?

DIY Wire Hamper

Homemade wire hampe


Put your dirty clothes at this wire hamper.  You have to prepare a round wood and welded wire. Then, you can make secured the wire by wrapping the excess around the other side. It is only need 30 minutes to do. Then, this wire hamper will ready to use.

DIY Drying Rack

Diy drying rack


With this drying rack, a mother can finish her work soon.  It can be put indoor or outdoor of the laundry room. It makes your room look tidy and simple to use. Try this for your laundry room, sooner!

Rail and Basket Organizer

Rail and basket organizer


Arrange two or more towel bar in one side of your wall. After that, cut some ribbon or any other kind of something that can be used for binding. Then, loop the ribbon or rope to the basket and tie it on the towel bar.



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