Spring is an amazing time when everything and everyone is in blossom. To highlight the coming season you can make some pretty jewelry to complete your style. Get inspired by the sights and sounds of spring, and create fabulous natural jewelry pieces. You can create all of these awesome jewelry pieces, and wear them all spring and summer long.

String Wrapped Bangles

Source : Just Homemade

Turning old and unused bracelets into something new and colorful to wear this spring. It is easy to catch the spring in your hands

Flower Necklace

Source : Riva La Diva

Flower is one of the symbols of spring presence. Beautify yourself with this gorgeous wire flower.

Spring Charm Bracelet

Source : Craft Unleashed

Green for leaves tips and pink for blooming flowers. A spring color combination that you can take with you wherever you go. You can also be creative with the color and size of the beads you want.

Paper Flower Hair Accessories

Petals made of paper and some wire bent into a spiral are all you need to create this beautiful twist-in hair accessories.

Chunky Braided Vintage Fabric Necklace

Do not hurry to throw away the scrap of your patchwork. You can turn them into this chunky and fun necklace.

Rhinestones Tassel Earrings

Add some glam and blink in your springtime with this earring. It is very suitable to be used at night party with friends or attending a spring wedding.

Floral Necklace

This is a smart -and wonderful- way to bring fresh flowers bouquet to your outfit. Beautiful flowers are not just for your wedding, but also for any day.

Tree Bark Earrings

Source : Kimberlie Kohler

Mother earth would be proud of this earring. but you have to be careful, the bark can be pretty delicate, just be gentle and you’ll be fine.

Spring Pearl Ring

Spring fashion trends say that pastel colors and shimmer will blow up your spring style. So why not use polymer clay and create a greenish pearl ring. Funny mill shape plus sophisticated pearl is a perfect combination of casual and glam style.

Springy Rings

Source : Mrs. Priss

With brightly colored fabrics, you can make this pretty ring. Combine many colors for various occasions to wear them.

Crystal Glass Beaded Flower Earrings

This pair of  crystal glass earrings will be a lovely addition to your spring outfit. You can give it as a gift for Easter, Mother’s Day or just because you want.

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