It is time to take a vacation from work. Let the stress slip away and the lazy days begin. Find the best spot by the lake or in the trees to attain the ultimate holiday experience: take a nap. All you need is one of these amazing hammocks to get you started.

Hammock has quite an intriguing history and it may not be just what you expect. The navy hammock is made from canvas so they’d be more durable. An outdoor nap is very good for entertaining and hammock is quite beneficial in aiding you to fall into this vital deep sleep. Here are 32 unique hammocks ideas below.

Linen Material Hammock from deavita

Bohemian Style Hammock

Black Net Hammock

Knitted Yarn Hammock

Colorful Outdoor Hammock

Rainbow Color Hammock

Black Matte Hammock from livemaster

DIY Knitted Yarn Pattern Hammock from kajgana

DIY Outdoor Hammock from lushome

Yarn Garden Hammock

White Color Hanging Hammock

Hammock in the Living Room from thestoryofmydress

Outdoor Parachute Hammock from dailynewsagency

DIY Thin Knitted Yarn Hammock from callmepaname

Garden Hammock with Throw Pillow from goodreads

Outdoor Hammock with Colorful Throw Pillow from novocom

Square Hammock in the Wooden Patio from naibann

White Linen Hammock from huffpost

Modern Style Net Hammock

Hammock Hanging on a Tree from hovercraftdoggy

Outdoor Striped Hammock

Monochromatic Color Hammock

DIY Yarn Knitted Hammock with Tassel from sohu

Rainbow Hammock with Tassel Accent

Wicker Rattan Hammock Garden from fathomaway

Minimalist Living Room with Hammock from mexicodesign

Hammock Chair from morningchores

Lazy Day Hammock from morningchores

Striped Pattern Outdoor Hammock from morningchores

Drop Cloth DIY Hammock from morningchores

Warm Cloth DIY Hammock from morningchores

Macrame Hammock Chair from morningchores

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