Do you love plants? You might wish to have a garden to plant. However, it needs a spacious lot. What about gardening indoors? It shouldn’t be in a large area. You can use a spot by the window, a little space on the nook, or you can use your desk. Let us try to use air plants to make a small garden in your home. They are low maintenance. As long as they get enough sunlight, they will grow up well.

Air Plants in a Wicker Basket

Air plants in a wicker basket


Do you have a wicker basket? Displaying your air plant with it looks so perfect. It brings a farmhouse feel without breaking up the modern theme. Put this wicker basket with any air plant you like on the desk or your coffee table. Then, it improves your air.

DIY Geometric Branch Hanger

Making a geometric branch plant hanger is a great idea for displaying air plants. You can create it by hand with some branches. Create a diamond shape with them and put them on your air plants inside. Then, hang it on the ceiling. It looks great for your bedroom decoration. It gives an earthy feeling to your room instantly.

DIY Air Plant Wreath

It is a beautiful wreath. Combine branches, seashells, and air plants to make this awesome DIY air plant wreath. This craft is easy, and you will not spend money. So, what are you waiting for? Make it soon and decorate your door!

DIY Leather Strap Air Plant Holder

Cool, huh? The air plant grows well in the leather strap holder. It adds a rustic feel to your décor theme as well. You can choose any spot in your home to put it on. Then, make your space looks fresher. 

DIY Jellyfish Air Plant

What do you think of this air plant? It looks so cute. Air plants can reduce dust and pollen. So, a room with an air plant will have fresh air. Making this jellyfish air plant is not tricky. Furthermore, you can customize the design you love. Check out how to make it here

DIY Air Plant Embroidery Hoop Favors

Genius! Embroidery hoops are versatile for DIY things. This air plant holder is from embroidery hoops too. Making this craft will need several minutes, but you will love the result. You will need embroidery needles and hooks. Then, some air plants to finish.

DIY Rock Air Plant Holder

It looks so gorgeous. You will need a rock, copper wire, and a little crafty feeling. It adds a touch of glam to your decor without spending a lot of money. Cool, huh? 


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