Look at your walls! Are they already dull? It is time to spruce them up, then. Painting them is the easiest way to improve your walls. However, a plain painting has commonly used in upgrading the wall appearance. What about using painter’s tapes? It will make wall painting looks more eye-catching. Furthermore, we can add personal touches to our walls. Check out our list below about ways to improve wall decor using painter’s tapes.

DIY Herringbone Accent Wall

Diy herringbone accent wall


Take painter’s tapes to make this herringbone pattern for your wall. It is easy, you know. Attach them to the wall. The herringbone pattern will make your wall looks more eye-catching. Moreover, it creates a modern look too. It would be great in any color of the wall. 

DIY Striped Wall Using Painter’s Tape

What do you think of this wall? Striped walls will never go out of date. You can apply this for your home. Customize the color you like. Creating striped walls will be easier using painter’s tapes. Feel free to decide the size of the stripes. A DIY newbie can do it in minutes.

DIY Pretty Trellis Wall

Upgrade your wall decor with trellis style! Make it using painter’s tapes. Just arrange them across. Then, paint the rest of them. Painting the wall in this way is super easy. A beginner can do it well too.

DIY Hexagon Patterned Wall

This hexagon wall makes your room look fun. Furthermore, you can customize it with a multi-colored painted hexagon wall. You might be a bit busier in creating this wall decor, but the result will be interesting. Just show your creativity in coloring to make a wonderful hexagon wall.

Painter’s Tape Painted Diamond Accent Wall

This lovely pattern might become one idea on your list. A diamond accent wall will make your room look more modern. You do not have to ask a professional to create it for you. Just use painter’s tapes to make this pattern. You can apply this wall pattern to your bedroom too.

DIY Argyle Painted Wall  

It seems a little bit complicated wall pattern. You can make it without a professional. Use panter’s tapes. Attach them to the wall to make a diamond pattern. Then, add other painter’s tapes to get argyle wall style. 


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