Living in a small house or apartment will not give you a spacious lot to plant. However, you can make a little garden with trailing plants. These plants are popular and low maintenance. So, they will grow up well even though less water and sunlight. Trailing plants work well for all seasons. In this article, you will see how to display trailing plants in your home. No worry! They are easy to plant and cheap. Check our ideas below and get inspired!

Grow Up by the Sunlight

Grow up by the sunlight


It is nice to have a sunlight area in your room. You will get plenty of natural shine without getting wet in the rain. If you have spot sunlight, put on your trailing plants. They will grow up and get more sunlight. Sure, you have to water them at least three times a week. 

Climb Across the Ceiling

Well. It seems like we are in a forest. The trailing plants climb across the ceiling and make it green. Cool, right? We can see plants inside every day. We get fresh air with plenty of oxygen without opening our doors. So, planting trailing plants is the key to having an oasis in your home.

Trailing House Plant with Shelf

After seeing trailing plants across the ceiling, it’s time to look at them on a shelf. Let them grow trail down and fill your empty wall with green leaves. What do you think? Having trailing plants will refresh our minds after one day of working in a building with walls and glasses elsewhere.

Green Space with a Wood

It is a brilliant idea, huh? Planting trailing plants in a wooden log over your TV set or mantel is easy. It will freshen your home atmosphere and add a decorative look. We will feel like a house near a mountain with the scenery. So, what are you waiting for? Get a trailing plant to improve your home now!

Trailing Plants on a Trellis

First, plant a trailing plant on a pot. Make a trellis from wire or wood. Second, put it next to your plants. Let it grow up and climb. Easy, right? You will not spend a lot of money to make this little garden. 

Climbing Plant in Circular Trellis

What about this? A climbing plant in circular trellis on the walls. It looks so decorative, right? It adds an artistic feel to your home. Attach some hooks to the wall. Let your trailing plants climb them.


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