Getting quality sleep isn’t only attributed to the quality of the mattress alone, but also the bed frame that the mattress sits on. Without a quality bed frame on which to place your mattress, your sleep can be significantly affected by all the creaking, squeaking, and sliding.

Generally, a bed frame is any mattress support made from materials such as metal, fabric, and wood. The bed frame entails the header, side rails, footer, and legs. However, modernized bed frames have a sleek design with only the side rails and legs that bring a look that complements any aesthetic type.

When choosing a new bed frame, avoid choosing a bed frame that’s too small or too big for your mattress, as this will cause unnecessary sliding and shifting when you’re asleep. 

Here are some of the top reasons why a bed frame is necessary:

1. Mattress Support

The main reason for getting a bed frame is to raise your mattress and offer support. A mattress alone can’t give your body enough support for a good night’s sleep as it eventually sags due to many years of applied pressure. However, with a quality bed frame and a box spring, your body can get adequate support that helps prevent restlessness, back pain, and discomfort.

Furthermore, a good bed frame keeps your mattress in place while asleep. It holds the mattress firmly with the help of the side rails, thus, avoiding sliding and creaking in the middle of the night. Using a mattress without a bed frame or placing it on the floor isn’t a good idea as it’s prone to sliding and slipping when you move, creating marks on the floor. 

2. Enough Air Circulation

With almost a third of your life spent sleeping, your mattress can go through a lot. During sleep, your body sweats, and the fluids seep into the mattress. When the mattress is placed on the floor, it’s prone to drafts in the cold season and moisture issues during the hot season. The moisture on your mattress causes mold and mildew to grow, which can cause respiratory problems in the future when inhaled for long periods.

However, with a bed frame, the mattress is raised from the floor, thus, allowing for proper air circulation throughout the mattress, keeping it clean and dry. Additionally, fleas, dust mites, and other insects prefer humid environments, making your mattress a good place for them to crash if it’s placed on the floor. Fortunately, having a bed frame will prevent this by raising your mattress from the ground.

3. Extra Storage Space

A bed frame can also provide extra storage space underneath your bed. Lack of storage space is a common problem affecting many homes, particularly in the bedroom. Having a bed frame raises your bed off the ground, providing a space that you can use to store items you don’t frequently use, such as winter clothes and footwear, suitcases, pillows, and linens. Additionally, you can invest in modern bed frames with built-in drawers and storage cabinets, giving you extra space to store your belongings.

Remember, while storing things under the bed, dust and debris can still find their way to your items. So, regularly mop this area or use a vacuum cleaner to reach all angles.

4. Improved Aesthetics

A mattress placed on the ground makes your bedroom look bare and unfinished. Having a bed frame elevates not only your mattress, but also your bedroom, creating a polished look that boosts the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

One advantage of bed frames is that they’re available in various styles, meaning you can have one that perfectly complements your bedroom’s theme.

5. Added Height

An average bed height should be about 25 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress. Having a bed that’s too low or having a mattress placed on the ground can make it awkward to use when getting in or out of bed. It also makes it uncomfortable to perform simple tasks, like wearing your socks or shoes when sitting at the side of the bed. A mattress on the floor also makes it easy for crawling insects to get into the bed.


Those are the top five reasons why you should get a bed frame. While the it may not be for everyone, when renovating or updating your bedroom, think of a mattress and a bed frame as a dynamic duo that should always go together. A bed frame is an excellent mattress support, promotes proper air circulation, and even allows for additional storage space, which is beneficial if you have a small bedroom space. It also keeps insects from crawling into your bed, thanks to the additional height it provides.

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