Whether your current bedstead has seen better days or you are looking for a new bed for a family member, it’s never as easy as it would seem on the surface. After all, the bed is somewhere where people spend a large number of hours every day, and the quality of sleep obtained has a huge effect on the outcome of any given day. 

This means that making the correct choice is extremely important, as returning a bed that’s not up to scratch is a time-consuming and energy-intensive process. Plus, you don’t want to be left without somewhere to sleep while you’re holding up making the final purchase and suffer the consequences to your output at work. 

To help you complete your new bed purchase in a timely and comprehensive manner, read on to find out more about the varying factors that you should keep firmly in mind when buying your new bed, taking into account both the properties of the prospective bed and the properties of your bedroom so that the new purchase slots in seamlessly, no matter the dimensions and style. 


The first important step to consider when looking to purchase a new bed is budget. There are now countless types of beds on the market, produced by a dazzling range of companies from all over the globe – so failing to nail down your budget before starting your search will leave you with far too many options to consider. 

The bed isn’t just a single component either, with the two main parts constituting both the bed frame and the mattress – and it’s often the mattress that you’ll end up paying more for, especially as it’s this component that provides the technical qualities that provide the night’s sleep that you are looking for. 

If you have a mattress that you’ve already paid out for and it does the job of providing you with the night’s sleep you need, make sure to consider this in the purchase of the bed frame.


Another hugely significant factor in the purchasing of a new bed is the dimensions. Failing to consider the dimensions could leave you with a bed frame that is completely unusable, whether it doesn’t fit into the desired space or doesn’t match up with your current mattress. 

When considering dimensions, it’s also important to consider your sleeping needs – do you sleep alone or with a partner, and will there be enough space for two? If it’s for a guest bedroom, who do you think will mostly be using it? Does there need to be more or less space?


Last but by no means least, style is an essential factor to consider in the purchase of a new bed. Buying any old frame will mean that it could clash with your décor, while you could miss out on a really stylish option that suits you perfectly.

From a Sleigh bed to Ottomans, each design has its practical and aesthetical implications that will affect both your night’s sleep and the feng shui of the room. 

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