There is something about flowers. They have certain magic that we can not explain – getting them around just makes things a little better. If this endless winter makes you desperate, why not bring flowers into your home for a little fishing in the spring? Whether you are looking for a way to brighten the gloomy winter days or ways to bring the bounty of a spring garden inside, here are some great ideas for adding some flowers to your home.

Submerged Centerpiece

Source : The Chic Site

This submerged floral centerpiece, where the flowers are completely covered by water inside glass vases, looks really beautiful and dainty, and it is quite easy to make. Brightly colored flowers like the ones in the picture work best, but any type should, so long as they’re not overwhelmed by excessive water.

Pineapple Floral Arrangement

Source : Bespoke Bride

Replace your vase with something eadible. This pineapple flower arrangement can be used as a refresher of your spring party. You can process the fruit flesh and take advantage of its skin as a vase.

Oh! Carrot

Source : Southern Living

Mix up traditional floral arrangements with a bouquet of bright carrots at the heart of this more subtle Easter-inspired piece. They work really well in here because the flowers themselves have the colors of the sunset and thus match the carrot bouquet at the base

Apple Lime

Source : Summer Adams

Add slices of lime and apple into your vase for extra dimension. This is great centerpiece for your Easter dining table.

Spring Sunset

Source : eHow

Creating a swoonworthy spring floral arrangement is easier than you might think. Just follow these tried and true steps that take the mystery out of making beautiful, professional-looking floral creations.

The Cabbage Arrangement

This is a really striking, all natural arrangement, as the vase is made from a cabbage. A sturdy head of cabbage makes an unlikely vase in this quirky arrangement. It looks really beautiful, as the color is very rich and the vase full of beautiful, chic texture. You will love the combination of green leaves and bright pink flowers (here used tulips, hyacinth, and spray roses).

Floral Letters

Source : Honestly Yum

Big decorative letters have been an interior design trend for a while now. Instead of being painted on, however, these are decorated with beautiful flowers, which you can easily stick in the foam to make a bright decorative piece for spring.

The Flying Cup

Source : Dainty

Give a little magic touch to your flower arrangement with this floating cup. This unique arrangement can be your tea companion on a warm spring afternoon.

Flower-Filled Birdcage

Source : Confetti

A vintage birdcage makes a novel centerpiece when filled with flowers. Here we have a pretty white birdcage with baby’s breath (gypsophila). Perfect for spring!

Stir Stick Flower Box

This DIY paint stir stick flower box is surprisingly simple. It can be a centerpiece for your dinner or spring rustic wedding.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my lime and flower arrangement! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my lime and flower arrangement! xoxo

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