Burlap is a very popular handicraft material because it is affordable, easy to get and it comes in a wide variety of colors these days as well so even if you don’t generally like the brownish color, you can find other colors to complete your crafts. Burlap brings that rustic coziness to any interior where it’s used, and it’s totally suitable for any season and holiday.

Spring Wreath

Source : Craft Unleashed

Like rustic decoration? Rock burlap ribbon and chicken wire with some flowers to create a colorful spring wreath.

Table Runner With Tassels

Source : On Sutton Place

Fringed burlap has a rustic look and is the perfect addition to cottage or farmhouse decor. It is easy to make with great outcome.

Kitchen Curtain

Source : Holliday

Create some farmhouse-cottage style window treatments for your kitchen by using burlap. It is a smart step because if you use blinds, it would really hide all that the open window space has to offer.

Bunny Spring Banner

Source : Shelterness

This fun and cute banner is amazing for spring and it’s so easy to make. Bunnies remind us of Easter and moss is so green and so spring-like.

Ruffled Burlap Lamp

This beautiful ruffled lampshade would look perfect in any room in your house. You can use an old lamp base that you already have or pick one up for a buck or two at your local thrift store or a yard sale. Then just paint the base whatever color you want.

Burlap Fabric Box

Keep those crafting supplies, toys or just about anything else you want handy and organized with a great burlap fabric box. Not only do these boxes look great, they are very easy to make. This project requires a bit of sewing but this is an easy one for beginners

Burlap Fabric Planter

Source : The Mother Huddle

Your plants need a little something extra touch, why not wrap them with love? Wrapping a pot with burlap is a great departure from the regular pot. It adds texture and softness to an otherwise hard space.

Vintage Feed Bags

This rustic looking basket would make a wonderful hamper in your bathroom or bedroom or you could make a smaller version and use it for magazines or anything else you need. You just line the inside of the vintage wire basket with burlap and then add any decorations or adornments that you want.

Burlap Messenger Bag

Make a great companion for your trips. It’s so cute and easy to make, you can even personalize it with some fabric markers.

Burlap Earring Holder

This great earring display is made from burlap and set in a picture frame. Paint the frame whatever color you want.

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