Enjoy your summer at backyard by reading novel will not make you feel hot because of the canopy. Its cover you and all your goods but still make you comfort. The unique design will give aesthetic value for your home as well. Whether you want to make it more accessible or private, it will be up to you. Here are  eight inspiring canopy design ideas for you;

1.  Diy Slide On Wire Canopy



Try to make this canopy to cover the area which always being saturated by the sun. it takes time, but will be good for you who want to spend your day to make something useful. Ask your family member then you will finish it sooner.

2. DIY Drop Cloth Fabric Shade Cover

Diy drop cloth fabric shade cover


This design will be good to be applied at your backyard or front yard. Here, you can add some chairs to make it seem like a little restaurant. Or, maybe you want to have BBQ with your friend this night? It will good.

3. DIY Hang Shade Sails

Hang shade sails


Take a look at this simple canopy design for your garden. You only need you don’t need more time to make this. Make sure you have measured the length perfectly in order to avoid mistake.

4. DIY Slide Canvas Canopy

Slide canvas canopy


The rectangular shape of canopy will be fit to the area of your backyard. Using this canvas, you can be able to move this anywhere, whether it is at your back yard or front yard. The colorful design will make your yard more cheerful.

5. DIY Colorful Canopy For Outdoor Space



See this colorful canopy! By using grommets to string the cable the canopy looks wonderful. The canvas drop cloths with various color is the best idea to make colorful outdoor space with this unique canopy.

6. DIY Fabric Pergola

Diy fabric pergola


Enjoy your summer outside by sitting under this canopy. Make a free standing fabric pergola in front of your house building. Then, enjoy your day a long summer by reading magazine or any other favorite activities

7. DIY Modern Canopy

Diy modern canopy


If you need little bit privacy at your place, may be this canopy will be one of the best choices. With modern look, it is good for your back yard with only you and your family who can enjoy it. The design looks calm and elegant for you who live at city.

8. DIY Portland Canopy Style

Diy portland canopy


More natural look but seems shiny is the aim of this canopy. It used mainly in Portland. This style make us save from the heat while enjoy the air outdoor. See your backyard with some plants around will be great combination with this canopy design.

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