The 21st century is a period of innovations, abundance, and a desire to show off. Most people willingly participate in a rat race for new ‘cool’ things. They rush to buy clothes every season just because the Pantone color has changed, and they are ready to spend time in long lines for a new model of smartphone, even though their current one works without bugs. One can find many similar examples of people wasting their resources and buying things they don’t actually need. They have already got enough items to redecorate their apartment and add more interesting elements to it. Old things may seem out of place, but it doesn’t mean that you should throw them away. Each item has a long history and involves a wide range of emotions. Everyone deserves a second chance, and your old teacup is no exception. If you are too busy with your college assignments, and it is hard to develop new ideas because you lack time, you can order essay writing and spend it with greater pleasure.


Some people like to purchase big sets of tableware, adhering to one color and style. However, over time it may happen that only several pieces have managed to survive, while others have become victims of your clumsiness. You start thinking about purchasing a new set and don’t know what to do with two cups and saucers left from the old one since they will hardly match anything. Well, don’t rush to break them since there are at least a few ideas on how you can utilize your tableware. First, you can turn them into a great casing for your lamps. On Pinterest, you can come across pictures of ready-made options to make sure this idea looks gorgeous. Another variant will be easier and more widespread. If you have flowers in your apartment, you can utilize your old cups as flower pots. It is a great option for succulent plants since they don’t require much space. Thus, you can always change the destiny of an old cup and get a new original interior element.

Desk drawers

If you have a few small or middle-size drawers, you can turn them into wonderful wall shelves. They can become a functional and nonstandard interior décor for your room. On the web, you can find 100500 ideas on how you can renew them and add some interesting features. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone – you can save a pretty penny on purchasing new shelves and provide your old drawers with a new life. In addition, it can be convenient to keep your books or tableware in such a box.

Ladder or stepladder

If you have bought a new house and come across an old-school wooden stepladder in your garage, don’t rush to utilize it as firewood. Such a retro thing can become a stunning décor element. Many interior designers chase for such things when they need an outstanding bookcase. Do you need one? You can place it literally in any room since its rugs can turn into shelves for all possible things. It will look cool in a bathroom when you fill it with folded towels, or it may come in handy in the kitchen and become a stunning organizer for your numerous jars, flowerpots, and stuff.

Wooden pallets

It is the case when you can turn on your imagination to the fullest and transform your useless pallets into a true masterpiece. The internet is full of all possible ideas on how you can take advantage of them, but we’ll focus just on a few popular options. If you lack some furniture but are not ready to spend a fortune on fancy variants from a store, you can utilize wooden pallets, for example, to make a coffee table. You should just put several pallets on top of each other and attach wheels to the bottom if necessary to move it. However, in most cases, people grab pallets to create a cozy home cinema or a bed. It is an affordable and stylish option that you should definitely try if you have enough space for such an interior idea. The very thing you need to do is to stack them in a row, creating a foundation of the required size. Then, you just need to add a mattress and a few pillows to create a cozy nest. Besides, don’t forget that you can paint, varnish, and do everything you like with them.

Wine corks

People are used to throwing them right after they finish a bottle of wine, but you can act more wisely and provide them with a second life. Indeed, wine corks go hand in hand with holidays, positive mood, a cozy and pleasant company, so they bring a feeling of comfort and warmth. It is perhaps one of the reasons why designers often utilize them in interiors. For example, you can create a great and eco-friendly coaster if you have at least twenty-five corks. You can find detailed guidelines on the internet as well as many other great ideas on how you can use these small items in your interior.

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