Let’s face it: the winters are soon to come. The season brings multiple joys with it, like – wearing stylish sweatshirts and hoodies, sipping hot chocolate, and not mention the excitement of the holiday season.

There is no doubt that you will be having snowball fights and sips of hot chocolates, but when the cold wind enters the house, it could ruin all the fun for you. 

Besides, keeping your home warm is sure to surge up your utility bills in the winters.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be spending a fortune on keeping your heaters running all day long (unless you have nothing else to worry about).

So, here we have come up with practical ways to keep your home and bedroom warm this winter without having to spend a fortune.

Check for drafts – Check all the windows for any cracks or gaps. Get them repaired as soon as possible as warm air is likely to draft outside if you have any crack in the windows. As a result, this can turn your room chilly instead of keeping it warm. And not to mention it would also end up increasing your energy bills.

You can check the cracks by holding a burning incense stick near the window. The draft of the smoke from the incense stick can tell you if there is any crack or not. If you witness any such movement, fix the gaps. The easier and cost-effective way to seal these cracks is with caulk or weatherstrip.

Knit cap and thick socks – Wearing thick socks before going to bed is the easiest way that you can follow to keep yourself warm. Undoubtedly, you will sleep better with it. Furthermore, you can keep your head cozy with a knit cap. All this will help you to stay warm and cozy when you sleep.

 Not to mention that wearing socks to bed has a role to play in increasing the blood flow to the feet, which results in lowering core body temperature. Opt for clean and loose-fitting socks without any tight spots around ankles/feet as they can compress your nerves or blood vessels. Thus, knit caps and thick socks will definitely keep you warm.

 Use the right mattress and bedding – Winter season is the time to drape heavy layers of bedding for warmth. At the same time, do not forget to have firmer mattresses for the ultimate comfort. When shopping for your bed, try to select name brand mattresses that are reliable and offer comfortable back support. This way, you will be able to stay far from back pain and bed sores.

 Now we are going to tell you a workable trick. It might be uncommon, but you can give it a shot. Use a hairdryer to give a quick blow-dry to your bedsheets for less than a minute and unplug it right away. This will add warmth to the bedsheets and aid your sleep. 

 A space heater is a good way – Sleep professionals recommend having the ideal bedroom temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit for a good night’s sleep. If you can’t maintain this temperature, a space heater is a thing to keep the room warm. When going to buy a portable space heater, select a suitable size as per your room. Ensure to keep it away from the bed so that the bed could not catch fire.  

 Be safe while handling the cord. Stretching it across the bedroom can pose difficulties if you want to go to the washroom at night. Besides, go for the heater that turns off automatically if it becomes overheated. This provides utmost safety to you. Do not forget to supervise the device if you are keeping it in the children’s room. 

Warmth with an area rug – Do a favor to yourself during the cold months and get thick area rugs. It will not only insulate your home and bedroom but also provides a warm treat to your feet. Besides, these rugs will add design and color statement to your home. Isn’t it great?

 If you already have a nice and colorful rug, but it is thin and not going well with your purpose, you can place an insulated rug pad under it. This will take the bar of warmth a notch higher. 

 Hot water bottle – Want to know the old-school method of keeping the bedding warm? Here you go – place a hot water bottle beneath the sheets before going to bed. Or you can use a bed heater. It helps in heating the whole bed within a few minutes. It is also an energy and money-saving device in comparison to a home’s thermostat. 

 To enhance a happy sleep, you can make an impeccable choice by getting a hot water bottle that comes with relaxing scents and essential oils. So, be ready to delve into the ultimate comfort zone. 

Bubble wrap is an easy way through – Bubble wrap is a great way to insulate the windows. It is like double-glazing your windows for reducing heat loss. So, how to use bubble wrap the right way? Spray water to the windows and stick the bubble wrap upside down. 

Let us tell you an interesting fact here. Insulation with the help of bubble wrap improves heat loss by up to 50% on single-glazed windows. And if you want more, you can put one more layer of bubble wrap.

Bonus tip

Aluminum foil also helps in insulation – You can use aluminum foil to line the edges of the windows. It is needless to say that heat finds its easy escape through the windows, but foil provides perfect prevention to the air from passing through the windows. 

To sum it all up

It is not necessary to get an expensive heating bill to keep your home warm this winter. With simple and practical hacks, you can add warmth to your home and save energy. So, what are you waiting for? Try executing the tips as mentioned above and see the results yourself. 


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