Most people are too addicted to soda drinking. Then, do you know the secret of can pop tab craft ideas? Check all the ideas below.

Recycled Soda Tabs Purse

Recycled soda tabs purse Recycling Soda Can Pop Tab Ideas For Multiple PurposesRecycled soda tabs purse Recycling Soda Can Pop Tab Ideas For Multiple Purposes


It is a combined project if you have skills in sewing and crafting. Here you can reuse your old fabric purse to embellish with flaps. Here, design your macramé pattern bag with soda pop tags in the same or different colors. Last, the result of this project is so lovely for shopping or traveling.

Soda Pop Tabs Handbag

Soda pop tabs handbag Recycling Soda Can Pop Tab Ideas For Multiple Purposes


This project is pretty enough to impress everyone. You can create an impressive and inexpensive handbag from soda pop tabs. Here, you can use your collection of pop flaps and cord leftovers to create a handbag. After that, you can use this handbag while ding groceries and traveling to hold all staff.

Black And White Rectangle Pop Tabs Clutch

Get an extra gorgeous and funky clutch to complete your party look with reusable material. This is a recycling project of pop tabs and cord leftover from your craft store. It has a rectangle shape but you can have your own shape with an appropriate drawn paper.

Cyber Butterfly With Pop Tabs

It is a weekend craft project you can create with your kids using pop flaps. Here, you can customize a tiny and beautiful cyber butterfly with a grosgrain ribbon or soda pop tabs. After that, you can use a thin wire with beads to create the butterfly’s antennas to give a realistic butterfly look. The supplies you need are 14 pop tabs, iron wire, ribbon, and 2 silver beads.

Soda Can Tab Small Pendant Light

Instead of buying expensive centerpieces, you can think about creating something unique by using recyclable material to retouch your room decoration with minor interior and makeover changings. Here, utilize empty soda pop tabs to get a different look at your room with a pendant. After that, use a plastic or screening sheet and attach the flaps on it using hot glue.

Pop Tab Lamp Shade

Get all the fancy and rainbow colors in your lampshade by recycling soda pop tabs. In this project, we use a coca-cola can as well for the pole lamp. Besides, you can also paint them if required. On the other hand, you don’t require a lampshade or structure to create this pop tab light cover. Recycle or upcycle wire rings you have and only tabs to get your hands on this mesmerizing piece of décor for your side table lamp! The tools you need are needle nose pliers, side cutters, and a small flathead screwdriver.


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