When you think that spring touches can only be added to your public rooms, then you can surely have them for your private room including your teenage bedroom. Well, it might be only for the girls, but when the boys wanna have it too, then it will be really possible by adjusting the things that are added there. Anyway, when talking about the teenage room, it will be about something cheerful and things that can increase their passion which will be really matched with the spring theme.

There are some parts of the teenage room that can be added with spring touches. Let’s say that you can decorate your wall with a wreath or garland. Then, you can also frame your window with floral things. Well, since the bed is the main thing in the room, then don’t forget to give the touch of summer there. Here, you can add it with the spring theme bedding or add some ornament to the headboard. Of course, there will be so many other ideas for this that we have gathered below.

Flower Window Frame from Mydomaine

Flower Bedding from Mydomaine

Purple Flower Arrangement from Housebeautiful

Yellow Bedding from Housebeautiful

Colorful Bed from Housebeautiful

Green Bedding from Housebeautiful

Green Furniture from Homedit

Bright Color Accessories from Homedit

Blue Bedding from Alittlecraftinyourday

Dried Flower Wall Decor from Balconygardenweb

Floral Wallpaper from Balconygardenweb

Greenery from Balconygardenweb

Butterfly Wall Art from Balconygardenweb

Trailing Roses Over Bed from Balconygardenweb

Yellow Flower Wallpaper from Ultimatehomeideas

Floral Bedding from Ultimatehomeideas

Multi Color Bedding from Housely

Light Blue Wall from Housely

Blue and Green Themed from Deavita

Multi Color Carpet from Deavita

Light Blue Bedframe from Deavita

Floral Bedding from Deavita

Orange Accessories from Deavita

Butterfly Wallpaper from Architectureartdesigns

Lilac Nuance from Architectureartdesigns

Purple and Yellow Themed from Architectureartdesigns

White Floral Pattern Bedding from Nextluxury

Bright Color Carpet from Nextluxury

Colorful Garland from Nextluxury

Floral Bedding from Nextluxury

Flower Wreath from Nextluxury

Flower Arrangement and Window Treatment from Nextluxury

Pink Flower Wall Art from Deavita

Bright Color Floral Rug from Deavita

Paper Flower Wall Art from Deavita

Floral Pattern Bedding from Deavita

DIY Flower Wall from Diyprojectsforteens

Greenery on the Shelves from Getbeautified

Color Block Wall from Getbeautified

Yellow Tulip Arrangement from Getbeautified

Pink Flower Arrangement from Getbeautified

Three Color Theme from Getbeautified

Multicolor Wall Art from Getbeautified

Floral Wallpaper from Getbeautified

Striped Blanket from Deavita

Colorful Themed from Deavita

Bright Color Accessories from Renoguide

Flower Arrangement from Renoguide

Black and Pink Floral Bedding from Renoguide

Flower Pattern Bedding and Colorful Pillow from Deavita

Green and Blue Themed from Deavita

Butterfly Wall Art from Deavita

Flower Wallpaper from Deavita

Geometric Wall Art from Diyprojectsforteens

Flower Pattern Carpet from Hative

Pink and Green Themed from Hative

Bright Color Themed from Hative

Flower Wallpaper from Hative

Pink Floral Bedding from Decoraid

Flower Wallpaper from Homedit

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