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Must-have Art Supplies for Every Beginner Artist in Sydney

Many young artists in Sydney have aspired to become as great as the other successful artists. You have well-known names such as Sydney Nolan, Grace Cossington Smith, or Brett Whiteley, to name a few. However, there are modern artists that are emerging and taking their spot in the art industry, including Amani Haydar, Johanna Hildebrandt, and Erin Nicholls. 

If you are still new to painting, you can use them as inspiration to fuel your creativity and passion for art. But before you start, you need to get art supplies in Sydney to ensure that you are set. Having all of the art tools will save you the hassle of getting them one by one at the store. 


You will never know when you will get an idea of what to paint, so you need something to draw on, and the sketchbook is the perfect surface to draw it on. Doing so can help you remember your painting idea, and all you need to do is improve the drawing. Usually, beginner painters in Sydney are recommended to get the 9” x 12” sketchbook since it is not large or too small to draw on. 

Drawing Pencils

The base part of every painting is usually drawn using drawing pencils. Most of the time, expert painters in Sydney prefer to use graphite drawing pencils because of how precise they can create lines. You have the choice to buy them individually or in a set, but the best choice for beginners is to go for the set. Since you are new to painting, it is best to have access to multiple pencil types depending on how light or heavy your drawing and shading is. Pencil numbers with an H mean that they are hard pencils that can produce lighter lines. For pencil numbers with a B, they are soft pencils used to create darker lines. 


Usually, drawing pencils does not have an eraser at the butt, so it is a must to get an eraser. However, you should not get just any type of eraser. Experts painters always recommend buying kneaded and rubber/plastic erasers. You use kneaded erasers whenever you need to erase tiny details of your drawing. The rubber/plastic erasers are the most common and found in almost every classroom setting.


After drawing your idea on the sketchbook, you need to transfer it somewhere that can help you showcase it. This is the time where you need to use the canvas to paint. The canvas is a painter’s best friend, so you should look for one made of high-quality material. There are many art supplies in Sydney that you can buy high-quality canvases from. 


You need to breathe life into your painting, and your paintbrush can do just that. Pair it up with paint, and you can slowly turn your bland sketch into a beautiful work of art. There are different sizes of paintbrushes to ensure you can paint finer details. You may need more than one paintbrush if you plan to paint on a canvas.


You can use different kinds of paints to paint on your canvas, including oils, watercolours, inks, or acrylics. You can choose one from them and experiment to get a feel of the paint. In some cases, you may prefer the ink over the watercolour. Experimenting is also a great way to gauge how you would want your painting to look like. 

With the many aspiring artists in Sydney, they should have high-quality art tools available to them. Fortunately, there are many quality art supplies in Sydney they can turn to every time they need art tools.

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