Picture frames are the perfect way to preserve some of life’s most precious memories. From graduations and weddings to fun times with friends, knowing how to frame a picture the right way will help you create a beautiful piece of decor in any part of your home.

Read on for some ways you can frame a picture to create a perfect look that will preserve your favorite photos for many years to come.

Start with the Material

As you ponder how to frame a picture, it all starts with the material you use. Wood and metal are two of the most popular options and each one offers its own unique qualities and aesthetics.

A simple yet sturdy wood frame is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something rustic or traditional. You can always finish the wood frame yourself or find something that features a wood design already offered in your favorite color.

Metal picture frames are a sleek and sophisticated option if you prefer a modern look. Try a simple yet chic black frame for your beloved black and white photos. You can also choose a metal frame featured in a sleek metallic finish like silver or gold for a glamorous touch.

Sculpted frames made of resin or ceramic can add an artful component to your pictures. This material is usually best when placed on a table, shelf, or desk due to its heavy composition.

Think about the style of decor already in your home when selecting the material of your frame. If your space tends to be modern, metal is a great choice while wood, resin, or ceramic are great for rustic or traditional homes.

How to Frame a Picture: Choose a Color

Once you decide which material you want to use for your frame, it’s time to think about color. The color of your frame can match with a color in the picture itself, or you can choose something bold for dramatic contrast.

Basic colors like black or white tend to work well with any type of picture. Wood frames in a natural finish look beautiful with photos of landscapes or portraits of people you love.

A neutral-colored frame is a good option if you’re planning to change the picture in your frame every so often. This will ensure that the frame matches whatever photographs you decide to put inside.

When you select a color for your new picture frame, think about how it will look against your current wall color. For example, dark frames on a light-colored wall will stand out nicely, while lighter colored frames may blend into the background.

You also want to be sure the color of your frame complements the rest of your decor. If you like a luxe, metallic look, choose a frame in a bright gold or silver finish. if bright colors are more your style, try something in a fun Fuschia or a bright turquoise blue.

Ultimately, your picture frames should complement and coordinate with the rest of your home. Have fun choosing colors and feel free to mix and match a few different shades for a fun look.

Select a Frame for the Right Photo Size

Most picture frames come in a few standard sizes including 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10. Make sure your photo will fit into the frame without being too tight or leaving a large border around it.

If you prefer a professional look, consider adding some nice matting to your frame. This creates a wide border around the photo and gives the final product a beautiful aesthetic for any room including the living room, home office, or bedroom.

A collage frame is another fantastic choice and allows you to frame a lot of smaller photos together in one piece. Selecting the appropriate size frame for your photos is the most important part of the process since it will determine how the picture looks once it’s ready to display.

Most frames are listed in measurements according to the inside dimensions. That means your frame size should coordinate with the actual size of the photo itself. The overall dimensions will feature the entire measurement of the frame including the outside border.

Make it Shine

Once you have the size, material and color figured out, you can add some other features to your frame. An LED light box from Ellumiglow will make your picture glow and appear brighter.

Highlight your favorite pictures with an LED accessory to give them a unique look. You can choose the color temperature of the LED lights including cool tones all the way to warm white.

A light showcases your pictures on a wall or shelf to make them the focal point of any room. Use LED light accents to show off your favorite memories or a photograph that you took that highlights your photo-taking skills. LED lighting lasts a long time and requires very little energy to operate, too.

Express Yourself with Picture Frames

Once you know how to frame a picture the right way, you’ll love the endless possibilities frames provide. Whether you decide to use a wood or metal frame, something in a bright color or a wood finish, or add LED lights, the sky is the limit.

Make sure you show off your beloved memories in style with a sleek, modern frame that’s fun to display in any part of your home. 

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