What will you do to appear different this Christmas? What about creating DIY ugly sweaters? It will be nice to have at least one sweater that shows the Christmas spirit that made by your own hand. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy a new plain sweater but you can use the old one that saved well on your closet. In this article, we give you inspiring ideas to upgrade your sweaters for Christmas. Check out!

Cow Sweater For Christmas

Adding googly eyes across the knit pullover will be much more fun to get a cow look. Then, see how a giant red pom pom nose completes this sweater look to be cuter. Give this sweater to your kid and make the bigger one for you.

White Sweater With Red Bow

Give your white sweater a humorous look by adding some red bows. Furthermore, red looks nice to describe Christmas. The creator also adds a red bow over a tiny green wreath to this sweater. Overall, this sweater looks funny but cute.

Ugly Sweater With Shiny Bows

Ugly sweater with shiny bows

Well, it seems to exaggerate but tells more about Christmas spirits. Look at the bows that arranged well in the sweater surface with colorful touches. This sweater show us how to bring a rainbow in an ugly Christmas sweater.

Snowman Sweater For Kids

In this picture, we can see a dark sweater for kids that is changed well with a snowman. You can use faux fur to get a cute snowman look. Feel free to add other accessories like sparkling items or more.

Ginger Bread Sweater For Anyone

Feel free to choose the color and add a ginger bread shape that made of flannel on it. This picture shows you that a cute mom can wear this sweater as well as a man. So, create more sweaters and give for your family.

Red Sweater With Christmas Tree

Bring your old sweater into the next level by adding a Christmas tree. Find out green bows and  tinsel garland. Then add some glitter and flair to spruce it up. Wear this in Christmas will show how you adore Christmas.

Felt Christmas Sweater

Look at this boy’s sweater that appears so eye-catching with a green Christmas tree. It is made of felt and added by some accessories to make it more attractive. Create this sweater for your little boy will make him happier and appears so cute.

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