Have you prepared your costume for Halloween? Now, it is time to think over about outdoor decoration. Hopefully, people welcome Halloween in almost all aspects. It is not just about the costume and party, but outdoor decoration. So, whenever someone comes to our home, they will directly notice the Halloween atmosphere. In this article, we recommend DIY outdoor decoration to celebrate Halloween that easy to recreate and affordable with a spooky and creepy theme.

Lawn Ghost Outdoor

What do you think about these ghosts? They circle around a faux firepit that made of string lights. Then, the ghosts are created from white plastic bags. At night, these ghosts will appear so spooky to show you how incredible Halloween is.

Halloween Decor With Spiders

Well. Halloween is not only about ghosts, but other magical things. In this decoration, the creator uses spiders with its creepy look to decorate the porch. See how those spiders look that reminds us of dark and scary things.

Dark Angels

Dark angels come to take people’s souls and bring them to the hells. In this picture, a creepy comes from two dark angels and skeletons around. This outdoor decoration shows us how creepy dark angels are when they make someone die.

White Ghost Under A Tree

Imagine that you see a ghost who plays in a swing chair under a tree. It looks so spooky, isn’t it? This decoration is not hard to do. Just prepare a white fabric. Take a pot of flowers to use as the head. Then, cover with the white fabric that you have prepared before.

Nightmare Before Christmas

What a perfect Halloween look is this! See there are various ghosts in the front area that looks so interesting. They are creepy but cute as well. However, a spooky feeling comes from the dark house behind them. Are you dare to come to this area?

Zombie Around Your House

Watch out! It is possible that there are more zombies around your house. Close the door and don’t let one of them come in. If it is possible, catch one of them and tie with a metal rope. So, no zombies can attack you.

Tree Halloween Decoration

It isn’t just a ghost that will scarry you but a tree as well. See this tree with some eyes that look like watch your step. Then, it will tell the monster to catch you.

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