Presenting candy bowl is always fun for children or guest who comes to your home. Then, creating unique candy bowls will be so much fun when you ask your children to join. Without further ado here we show you DIY Halloween Candy Bowls You Can Serve For Halloween Treats.

Mummy Candy Bowls

It is always an amazing way to spend your Halloween with one of the most unique bowl ideas. The supplies you need are a white bowl, two large googly eyes, rolled gauze, and Magna tac glue. Start by glue the googly eyes to the bowl, wrap gauze around the bowl, leaving space for the eyes, and secure with the glue.

Candy Corn Bowl

This bowl will ready to entertain your Halloween. The supplies you need are a white bowl, primer spray paint, rubber band, painter’s tape, orange glossies paint, and yellow glossies paint.

Spider Bowl

Spider bowl DIY Halloween Candy Bowls You Can Serve For Halloween Treats


If you love to show spider around your house this Halloween, then this will be one of our choices. The materials you need are a black bowl, black and white felt to create the eyes of the spider, 10-gauge armature wire, Magna tac glue, and wire cutters.

Splatter Bowl

This splatter bowl is definitely stunning to entertain your Halloween. To create this bowl you will need a white bowl, 4 black and orange crayons, pliers, and a stove lighter.

Skeleton Hand Bowl

This skeleton hand bowl looks so great to complete your haunted theme this Halloween. You will need a fake skeleton hand, clear plastic trifle bowl, and strong glue. After that, glue the hand to the stem of the trifle bowl using the glue. Then, secure the hand in place with masking tape while the glue dries.

Bats Bowl

The bats’ bowl will ask all people’s attention to stuck in this bowl. It looks gorgeous with the bats around. The materials you need are a white bowl, black cardstock, black wire, 3 or 4-inch diameter foam disk, and Magna tac glue.

Frankenstein Bowl

This Frankenstein bowl is entertaining. You will have to prepare some supplies to create this bowl. The supplies are a green bowl, two wine corks, silver and white paint, a black permanent marker, a craft knife, and Magna tac glue.

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