Look around your house! Is there anything that you want to upgrade? It might have been several years since your home in the same appearance. What about adding or changing some items to make them more eye-catching? You don’t have to buy expensive home items. Because upgrading home decoration will talk about a new look, not just a new thing. We have collected easy budget upgrades to inspire your next home improvement project. Check them out below and choose which one you can do this year!

Easy Upgrade the Floor

Easy upgrade the floor


Upgrading the floor is the most effective way to improve your home decor. We don’t mean to buy the new one. You can easily install laminate flooring, add carpet, or paint the floor with a different pattern. Choose the one that fits your budget.

Change Shower Head

What do you think of this idea? Look at your bathroom. You can make a little change by replacing the old shower with the new one. It is super easy, huh? You don’t have to ask a professional to help you. A DIY newbie can do this super simple project in minutes.

Paint the Door

Painting the door is easy. You can make your home looks more eye-catching by changing the color. Upgrading the door’s color is the easiest way to have a new look. Choose any color you want. It will be better to consider your home theme before upgrading the door to a new color.

Update Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights will switch on at night. However, changing the light will create a new atmosphere. For example, you can change an old bulb into a wonderful chandelier or a Moroccan lamp style. It will be nice to change the lamp every season.

Apply Window Film

We will need window film to keep our privacy. It is not tricky to apply it. You don’t have to ask a professional to help you. Choose the window film you want. See the tutorials on how to do it here. Window film has patterns and capacities that will work well with your glass window.

Create a Chalkboard Wall

having a chalkboard wall is brilliant. You can apply it to the kid’s room. They can write and draw on the wall. Isn’t it fun? Instead of seeing them use the marker on the wall, it will be better for us to give them a chalkboard wall. Their drawings might become wonderful wall art later on.

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