Before throwing away old drawers, consider their potential. You might find many creative ideas to turn into cute accent pieces for your home. Style them in rustic, elegant, or vintage to enrich your home atmosphere. Oh, they work well for something to your garden as well. Whether you want to do fun upcycled and or repurposed ideas, old drawers are ready to use. Check out our list below and get more inspiration! Then, make DIY things from old drawers for your home!

DIY Elegant Coffee Table

Diy elegant coffee table


Look at the coffee table! It is so elegant standing in a living room. Attach the legs to the drawer. You are free to paint the drawer white or black. Then, it becomes an elegant coffee table. Let the knobs. Decorate it with a globe, books, or other decorative items.

Dresser Drawer into Ottomans

It is a brilliant idea to turn a dresser drawer into an ottoman. You don’t need to change anything. Just add the legs. Then, get a pillow and put it on top. Now, you get a new ottoman to complete your living room design. Make more ottomans for your other rooms too. 

Drawers into Side Tables

Never buy new side tables if you have old drawers. You only need to add the legs and let the rest as they are. Use them in the living room on both sides of your bed. Put on anything you want on the shelves as books, clocks, or others.

DIY Repurposed Drawer Jewelry Organizer

Now, we will make a jewelry organizer from an old drawer. You are free to repaint it with any color you want. Then, add the hooks. Hang any jewelry items on each. Add wallpaper to get a more beautiful look. Easy, right? A Newbie can finish this project in minutes.

DIY Ladder Shelf From Old Repurposed Drawers

Are you ready? Repurposing old drawers into a ladder shelf is challenging. You will need drawers, wooden sticks, hammers and nails, and white paints. Do this project on the weekend. You might need several minutes to finish it. But we believe your will love your new ladder shelf.

Bathroom Drawer Cabinet

Don’t forget about the bathroom. It is one of the main rooms in a home. Make your bathroom more comfortable by adding a drawer cabinet. You can make it from an old drawer mounted on the wall. Add a towel storage underneath by using a wooden stick. 


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