After collecting some sea shells from the beach, it’s time to use them to make crafts. What can we do with them? Sea shells are durable. We can use them to make items without breaking their natural shapes. Kids will love to make something with sea shells too. Check out our list below! We have collected DIY projects from sea shells that you can do with your kids. Show your DIY skills and make sea shell crafts in your version.

DIY Ocean Play Dough Loose Parts

Diy ocean play dough loose parts


You can bring the sea inside your home through this project. You will need play dough, silver glitter, sea shells, and gems. Color the dough until it looks like the ocean. Then, attach the accessories. See the tutorials here

DIY Shell Flower 

What about it? A DIY shell flower for your mother. It looks so beautiful with blue color that reminds us of the sea. We can make it soon from sea shells. Make sure that you use them with similar sizes and shapes. Then, attach the branch and make the petals. 

Sea Shell Butterfly Craft for Kids

We can use sea shells to make butterfly wings. We will need thick paper as the base with grass and sky. Color the sea shells with the same pattern. Attach them along with the pipe cleaner using glue. Add more accessories like sun and clouds to have it more wonderful.

DIY Sea Shell Craft Fridge Magnets

Bring the sea creatures into your home! But, in terms of crafts. Look at the picture! You can make DIY sea creatures using sea shells too. Color them greens to make turtles. Then, reds as the crabs. Add the accessories like googly eyes. Add pipe cleaners to the crab as its hands. Check out how to make them here

Sea Shells Flower Garden Craft

Ask your toddlers to make this craft with you! You will need sea shells, pipe cleaners, colored pasta, and thick paper. First, you need to draw the nature view. Then, attach the sea shells as they look like petals. Add the pipe cleaners as the trunk.

Sea Shell People

What about this? Make this craft with your kids and let them show their imagination. You will need shells, ice cream sticks, a string for hair, washi tape, glitter, pens, shiny button stickers, and glue. See the tutorials here

DIY Sea Shell Fish

You will need a little paper plate. Paint as it is like the sea. Color the sea shells like the fish you want. Then, decorate it like the ocean with fish, sea grass, and more. Check out how to make it here


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