If you have crafting ability, then making some handmade home product will be quite worthy. Not only to save your budget but it can also give you such a good activity to stimulate your creativity. There are some home products that you can make which give you an aesthetic and warm decoration look from the functional one to the handmade ornament to simply beautify the room. Here, we will give you some kinds of product references that you can make. The wood box, wicker basket, carved product, earthen pots, and jute organizer are things we are going to show you.

Wood Box

When considering the shape, the wood box will be the easiest one. You just need to cut the wood the nail it to form the box. The rest is about how you will make the box functioned as an additional decoration to your home. Add some decoration based on the style you want your box has. Also, how simple or complicated the design will be. You can paint it, furnish it, add some ribbon, foliage, beads, just anything you want.

DIY Wooden Box Centerpiece from Sarahjoyblog

Wooden Box Books Display from Sarahjoyblog

Hardwood Box from Sarahjoyblog

DIY Brown Wooden Box from Sarahjoyblog

Glasses Storage Wooden Box from Daisymaebelle

Toys Display from Daisymaebelle

Wooden Box Stationery Storage from Daisymaebelle

Old Wooden Box from Homebnc

DIY Wooden Boxes Vase from Homebnc

Toys Storage Pallet Wooden Box from Shelterness

Wicker Basket

The wicker project will be a little bit complicated, but still possible to be made. There are some wicker designs that easy to follow and make as you can find the tutorial on the internet. Here, we won’t give you the tutorial as we will give you the design references and their utilization for your home decoration. You can also give the wicker basket color to beautify the look. Here are some functional and varied designs that you can copy.

Blue Paint Wicker Basket from Completely-coastal

White Painted Wicker Basket from Completely-coastal

Tableware Storage from Architectureartdesigns

Wicker Drawers from Architectureartdesigns

Toiletries Storage from Architectureartdesigns

Old Wicker Basket from Architectureartdesigns

Sisal Wicker Basket from Architectureartdesigns

Rattan Wicker Basket from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Rattan Wicker Basket from Architectureartdesigns

Brown Wicker Baskets from Architectureartdesigns

Wicker Sandal Storage Basket from Architectureartdesigns

White Wicker Basket from Architectureartdesigns

Towels Storage from Architectureartdesigns

Carved Product

Carving needs a special ability, not all of you can do it. However, since it will be nice to present the carved product, then we will show you some proper designs. The product could be in form of a table, chair, headboard, cabinet, storage, rack, and more. If you don’t have a good carving ability but still wanna try the project, then simply choose the easy one. You can freely choose the designs based on your capability and tatse.

Wooden Coffee Table from Homecrux

Carved Coffee Table from Digsdigs

White Carved Headboard from Homebnc

Carved Floor Cabinet from Jenwoodhouse

Wooden Cabinet from Lushome

DIY Carved Sofa from Lushome

Wooden Table from Lushome

Kitchen Cabinet from Deavita

Oak Wooden Headboard from Deavita

DIY Carved Table Console from Hometalk

Earthen Pots

Well, it won’t about you make your own pot, but how you can beautify it by doing the pot redecoration. Simply buy the earthen pots, paint color, lace, ribbon, glue, and more based on the designs you want to apply to the pot. Just like the other treatment where you can choose the style you want to have for the pots. If you want a boho style, you can apply the lace with an artistic pattern. In case you want a modern style, you can paint it by using neutral color and apply a simple design.

Geometric Earthen Pots from Plaidonline

White Painted Earthen Pots from Plaidonline

Chevron Earthen Pot from Homedit

Hanging White Earthen Pot from Homedit

Gold Earthen Pots from Homedit

Lace Covered Earthen Pots from Homedit

White Painted Earthen Pots from Homedit

Rainbow Earthen Pot Paint from Homedit

Chalkboard Pain Pots from Homedit

Flower Earthen Pot from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Earthen Pots from Architectureartdesigns

Jute Organizer

Jute is another simple choice to make your handmade home decor product. For the simplest way, you can simply use it to wrap your old organizer to make it has the new look. You can add other materials like fabric, paper, and also additional accessories to create a pretty look. If you want it, you can paint the jute for easier decoration. Here are some ideas for you.

Jute Egg Basket from Diys

Ombre Jute Basket from Lydioutloud

DIY Jute Boxes from Sustainmycrafthabit

Tissue Storage from Bobvila

DIY Jute Basket from Completely-coastal

DIY Jute Basket with Pom Pom from Architectureartdesigns

Book Storage Basket from Livingwellmom

Blanket Storage Basket from Deavita

Bathroom Organizer from Hometalk

DIY Towels Storage from Andersonandgrant

DIY Tissue Storage Basket from Elizabethjoandesigns

Hope that you can get some awesome ideas from our references. Let’s create our own home decoration products to increase our creativity. From all of the products, which one is the most proper for you? Are you the one who challenged to do the carving project? Are you interested to do the painting earthen pots project? Or, you love to simply do the jute wrapping product?

Well, whatever it is, happy crafting for you all!

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