Winter is coming soon. This is the season where you can find pinecones everywhere. And the good news, you can take advantage of the pinecone. Pinecones can make beautiful decorations for your home during the winter months. These items can add natural vibes into your winter decoration. Since they are versatile, there is no doubt to use them as a part of your home decoration during winter. So, what can you do with pinecones? Well, some DIY winter decoration projects can be done by using pinecones. These DIY projects are really help you to make the most of pinecones for winter decoration.

Actually, DIY winter project ideas with pinecones are numerous. The projects can be done easily at home and don’t require any special skills. First, you can use them to decorate a fireplace mantel or staircase banister. You can hang them from evergreen boughs or tie them with ribbons that match your banister’s or fireplace mantel color scheme. You can also make a pinecone wreath and garland for a festive look. Another way, use the pinecones to decorate your Christmas tree. A pinecone topiary is a lovely way to add a touch of nature to your home. They don’t wilt and will remain a beautiful focal point all year long. Plus, they are very easy to make. These topiaries can be placed on a bookshelf or on a side table, depending on how big you want it. Moreover, a candle holder, centerpiece, napkin ring and other winter crafts can be made with pinecones. Furthermore, here are some other ideas.

DIY Pinecone Centerpiecces  from diyncrafts 

Snowy Pinecone Luminaries from diyncrafts
Hanging Pinecone Ribbons from diyncrafts

DIY Pinecone Garland from diyncrafts

Framed Pinecone Art from diyncrafts

DIY Pinecone Swag from diyncrafts

DIY Lighted Pinecone Arrangement from diyncrafts

DIY Ombre Pinecones from diyncrafts

Glittery Pinecone Bouquet from diyncrafts

DIY Pinecone Candles Holder from diyncrafts

Pinecone Christmas Trees from diyncrafts

Pinecone Flower Garland from diyncrafts

Pinecone Wreath from diyncrafts

DIY Pinecone Topiary from diyncrafts

Pinecone Chandelier from diyncrafts

Pinecone Candle Holder from diyncrafts

DIY Rustic Pinecone Centerpiece from diyncrafts

DIY Snowy Pinecone Wreath from diyncrafts

Snowy Garland from hgtv Pinecone Gift Embellishments from hgtvDIY Pinecone Elf Ornament from hgtv
Pinecone Topiary from hgtv DIY Pinecone Tree Centerpieces from hgtv DIY Hedgehogs from hgtv Pinecone Ornament and White Tree from hgtv Giant Pinecone Garland from hgtv DIY Pinecone Festive Vases from hgtv

Pinecone Wreath and Mirror from hgtv

DIY Pinecone Ring from countryliving Tobacco Basket Wreath and Pine Conesfrom countryliving Painted Tip Pine Cone Wreath from countryliving Pine Cone Pom-Pom Ornaments from countryliving Felt Pine Cone Fox from countryliving Felted Pine Cones from countryliving DIY Metallic Pine Cone Wreath from countryliving DIY Pine Cone ‘Kissing Ball’ from countryliving Felt Pine Cone Elves from countryliving Pinecone Swag from countryliving Grapevine Wreath Pinecone from countryliving Bleached Pinecone Arrangement from countryliving Pinecone Fireplace Decorations from countryliving Pinecone Ornaments from countryliving Natural Wonder from countryliving Glass Cloche Pinecones from countryliving

Pinecone Wreath Frame from countryliving

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