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10 Christmas DIY Projects by Using Pinecone

Christmas is closer than you think! It’s time to start making a craft and Christmas decorations. There are some items that are suitable for making dancing crafts. One of them is we can use pine cone. We can use pinecones to become some cool Christmas-themed crafts. You can create unique pinecone creations, from simply painted ornaments to stunning table decorations. Pinecones are easy to obtain and also have a unique shape, so it is very suitable for use in making creations.

Pine is easy to combine with other items. This item can indeed be turned into decoration and crafts according to your creativity. The simplest thing is to combine the pine cone with a red ribbon. Then you can touch it as a Christmas tree decoration. Another thing you can do is to paint the pine cone and put it in a bowl.

Natural Pinecone with Ribbon

Pine cones can be a beautiful decoration for Christmas. Adding some ingredients to beautify it, combined with a ribbon tied over it can make this flower cone look beautiful even though it is simple.

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Pinecone Flowers in Pastel Colors

Flowers made of pine cones look beautiful with colorful pastels. Arranged in a bowl makes your Christmas decorations more beautiful. This decoration can be to beautify your coffee table.

Pinecone Wreath with Evergreen

Making beautiful bouquets can use pine cones combined with small balls and evergreen tied with brown ribbons. This decoration can make your Christmas look perfect.

Pinecones Tree with Silver Star Above

You can make a mini Christmas tree using a pine cone with silver stars. With silver planters in harmony with the stars mounted above, it makes this Christmas tree look beautiful.

Mini Christmas Trees with Pinecone

Christmas trees are not all made from pine trees, and you also make them using pine cones that can enhance your Christmas decorations. Making a mini Christmas tree using a pine cone can be placed anywhere and is quite easy. Try it!

Pinecone Flowers Arrangement

These colorful flowers are made of pine cones arranged neatly in an elegantly patterned frame. With different forms of flowers that will make this decoration look beautiful.

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This can make your Christmas decorations more perfect.

Pinecone Ornaments

Ornaments that you can make with anything one of them using a pine cone combined with colorful little balls will make this ornament look special. You can apply this ornament to beautify your Christmas tree.

Simple Pinecone Tree 

Making a Christmas tree using pine cones stacked with silver containers can make your Christmas look beautiful. By choosing a different pine cone and arranging it will be like a perfect Christmas tree.

Pinecone Elves Ideas

You can make Christmas decorations with different variations, one of them using pine cones. You can make it look like in the picture by making a fairy using a pine cone into a cute Christmas decoration.

Pinecone Wreath

Wreaths don’t always use leaves or flowers to make them, you can use pine cones to make a wreath. Adding colorful little balls will make the wreath look perfect. Suitable to be placed on your fireplace.

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Besides having a unique shape, the pine cone is also very suitable for decoration in your room. You can use pine cones as centerpieces in the living room and dining room. Or you can also use centerpieces as decoration on the door of the house. You simply combine pine cone with pine cones. This decoration serves to welcome your guests and certainly make your home perfect.

Pinecone can also be converted into mini Christmas trees. How to make it is by attaching each pine tree with glue and shape this item to resemble a Christmas tree.

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This natural and elegant Pinecone Tree can fit anywhere in your home. The pinecones are attached to a Styrofoam cone, and a raised cake plate is used for the base. In addition, you can turn this pine cone into a cute doll. In essence, you can make pine cones into a cool and attractive shape. And this item is a popular item as a Christmas decoration.

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