If you have no idea of updating your Christmas sock decorations, you’ve come to the right place. You could buy the new ones, or you can add a personal touch to your Christmas decor with Christmas sock decorations that you create by yourself. No need to have a high skill level of sewing—don’t worry, we’ve got something easy for you to do.

1. Cosy Christmas Sock Decorations

Find a pair of wool socks that perfect for cold winter nights. These Christmas sock decorations were made from wool socks. Trim some pom-poms on these socks to add festive on these cosy stockings.

Using brightly coloured patterned socks combined with pom-poms make your Christmas decorations look beautiful.
Red socks combined with white poms will make your Christmas socks decor look perfect.
Socks made of dark grey wool combined with white poms make your Christmas decorations look beautiful.

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Beautiful patterned socks combined with green poms make your Christmas decorations look attractive.

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2. Tassel and Lace Christmas Sock Decorations

It’s super easy to make these DIY Christmas sock decorations. Prepare some colourful tassels and antique lace to create a lovely stocking. Glue the lace to the front of the sock into a V shape, then create a tassel cord and attach it to the front of the sock. 

Green knitted socks decorated with poms on it make this sock looks perfect at Christmas.
White Christmas sock combined with colorful pom-poms make your decoration looks perfect at Christmas.
Christmas polka dot grey socks adorned with pieces of fabric sewn on top make your Christmas decorations look perfect.
Striped Christmas socks combined with lace sewn on it makes your decoration look elegant
Maroon knitted sock combined with lace on top and beautified with pom-poms makes your Christmas decoration looks beautiful.

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3. Sewed Christmas Sock Decorations

Sewing sometimes can be such a calming activity. Especially when you can create something pretty where you can satisfy your self. There are some creativities that you can create by sewing from the easy to the difficult one. All you should do is just adjusting you capably so that you can really make it as a fun activity.

Flower-patterned socks and topped with neatly sewn cloth adorned with white poms make your Christmas decorations look perfect.
Making Christmas decorations with socks is easy, using green and black fabrics sewn combined with poms makes these socks look cute
Socks sewn with pastel-colored animal patterns make a cute Christmas decoration
White socks adorned with sparkling gold letters complete with pink cloth cut into pieces make these socks look perfect
The pink furry socks combined with the tiger doll sewn on top make this Christmas sock look funny

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4. Country-Style Christmas Sock Decorations

If you are into something traditional and rustic, these burlap Christmas sock decorations might be the best option for you! All you need is burlap, white lace, and poster board. Cut out a sock shape from the poster board, glue the burlap on top of the poster board, and cut out the burlap around the interfacing. Then sew or glue the white lace to the top edge of your decor. Don’t forget to sew along the outside edge and then hang your lovely country-style stocking!

Socks made of burlap adorned with sparkling fabrics can make your decoration more perfect
Christmas decorations using burlap socks are topped with colorful fabric written with family names to make your Christmas decorations look perfect.
Jute fabric made in socks combined with striped fabric sewn on it makes your Christmas decoration looks simple but perfect.
Socks made of white cloth are adorned with burlap fabric sewn on top to make this sock decoration look perfect.

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Patterned socks made of jute fabric combined with dark beads make your Christmas decorations look elegant.

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Have you found your favourite Christmas sock decorations yet? No matter what design did you choose, you’ll find something unique to dress up your mantel. Once you’ve done with your DIY Christmas sock decorations, don’t forget to tuck your gifts inside!

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