Here, the ideas of tie-dye projects you can make pop out from everyone else and show how unique you are. Make it yourself to really fit the designs with your taste by having the DIY projects. Besides, the ideas below are also affordable. All ideas are collected in  Innovative DIY Tie-Dye Ideas To Color Your World

DIY Ombre Tie-Dye Sneakers

Innovative DIY Tie-Dye Ideas To Color Your World


Do you know that ombre where the slight color shift from light to dark is capturing the eye of fashionistas and home décor enthusiasts alike? The supplies you need are a tie-dye kit, white cotton sneakers, paintbrush, sink or bucket for washing, deep-dish bowl for dipping, and paper towel.

Embellished Tie-Dye

Innovative DIY Tie-Dye Ideas To Color Your World


The supplies you need are a white dress, tie-dye kit, pom pom trim, fabric glue sticks, glue gun or sewing machine, and scissors. The result shows all so good and the result is you looking adorable at the beach while also cute because of the pom-poms.

Tie-Dye T-Shirt Bag

To make a spiral tie-dye shirt a fork is a really handy tool for you. You can place the fork in the center middle of the shirt. Next, press down firmly (without going through the fabric) and begin twisting. After that, twist until the entire shirt is in a spiral. Then, tightly wrap rubber bands around the shirt. Do not forget to add water and you are ready to mix the dye and start dying. Last, be sure to wear those rubber gloves!

DIY Natural Tie-Dye Pillow

A perfect addition to your collection of bedroom pillows perfect for BFF’s sleep-over or pajama night’s pillow fight! Surprisingly, it is made from turmeric powder. Complete materials you need are rubber bands packet, pom pom trim (long enough to cover two sides of the pillowcase), turmeric powder, needle & thread (in the same color as the trim or neutral color if possible), light-colored pillowcase, large pot, and water.

DIY Watercolor Curtain With Tie-Dye

The materials you need are a tulip one-step dye kit, water, flat cotton sheets, plastic cups, and paintbrushes. Take the foam brush to wet an area of the sheet in the general shape of the flower you want to paint. You can use a spray bottle full of clean water would have been even easier and faster. While the sheet was still wet, you can paint in a rough shape of a flower. Next,  by squirting some of the purple dye into a plastic cup, you are able to dip a paintbrush into the dye and paint.

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