Spending time outside in the spring and summer will be a favorite thing. Moreover, you can do some outdoor activities in the fall and winter. Sitting outdoors while having a party with family and friends will be a perfect and unforgettable moment. Nothing more fun than sharing happiness with all people you love. So, we need outdoor furniture to make anything we do outside much better. We have DIY outdoor furniture ideas for beginners. See our list below!

Wooden Planter for Outdoor

Wooden planter for outdoor


Instead of a regular bucket, you can make something different for your planter. Still, you can use the bucket. Then cover it with wood planks. Secure it with a nail gun. So, the wooden planter will be more durable. Follow more instructions from Instructables

DIY Outdoor Concrete Wood Bench

You will spend several hours or even a day making this concrete wood bench. First, you have to make the concrete base. You will work with cement, water, and little sand. Second, you should prepare the wooden planks and cut them into similar sizes. Third, combine the concrete base and wood. You have done.

Convenient Outdoor Potting Bench

You will need a potting bench to put on your gardening tools outside. Store pots, buckets, watering cans, and other supplies properly. So, those things are easy to find whenever you need them. Making a potting bench is not tricky. You can follow the instructions from Ladygoats and make your version. 

DIY Large Modern Porch Swing

One of the most fun things in summer is to sit outdoors on a porch swing, huh? You can see the garden with its beautiful view. Take a breath as the wind blows to your face. Do you like it? You will love this simple thing if you love summer days. Make the swing by hand! You can see how to make it from Ana White. Customize the size and design you like. You can change the color you want. 

DIY Outdoor Picnic Table

What do you think of this table? It looks so gorgeous to have it in your garden. The X legs are strong enough to support the top and keep it stable. Look here to see how to make it. Creating the smaller versions will lead you to get new benches. What do you think? You should have basic woodworking skills to make this outdoor seating furniture. 


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