Though the laundry room is only a small part of your home, it has to decorate well. Consider your layout, think about the countertops, and try to improve the wall decor. We can make DIY projects that are easy and affordable. Transform your laundry room into an oasis. Make it pop! So, you will love this small space too. We have collected DIY ideas to improve laundry room decor in the list below. Check them out further and get inspired. Make laundry activities more attractive from now on.

DIY Printable Labels for Cleaning Supplies

Diy printable labels for cleaning supplies


Cleaning supplies usually come in ugly bottles that are eye-sore. Changing the bottle to plastic containers will be much better. Add printable labels for each container. Put those containers in a small bin to get a decorative look. Now, you get your room clean and tidy. 

DIY Ombre Hamper

It will be nice to upgrade your laundry hamper to look more eye-catching. Wrap the surface of your box with rope. Then, paint it in an ombre style. Customize the color you like. This hamper will add a decorative look to your laundry decor. You can create this project in less than an hour.

DIY Travel Laundry Bag

Do you have a plan to travel this summer? Don’t forget to bring a travel laundry bag. So, you can put your laundry clothes in the bag. It will separate the unworn clothes from the dirty ones. Grab the dirty clothes and wash them soon. Then, return the unworn clothes to the wardrobe.

Washer and Dryer Makeover

Improving your machines will spruce up the laundry room. Add polka dots or graphic decals to your washer and dryer. You are free to choose other patterns you like. Then, attach some stickers or decorative accents to the machines. 

DIY Laundry Bag

A laundry bag will keep dirty clothes well. It is from a big canvas. Then, decorate it with a hand-painted washing symbol for more personal touches. So, it will not be switched with another’s bag when you put it in the laundromat.

Plywood Waterfall Countertop

What a great idea! Adding a countertop is a great way to keep the washer and dryer from the waterfall. Moreover, it adds a decorative look. The plywood used shows a natural look. If you want to make it more pop, paint the plywood with any color. Then, add other decorative accents like a vase of flowers, greenery, or other stuff.


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